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Front-end development

The front-end is the interface between a user and software, known as the back-end. That means the front-end is something that a user directly faces when using your resource. That shows how important this part of product development is in the long term perspective.

Our expertise

Your unique design ideas must be implemented as they are conceived. Also, given the huge number of different gadgets with different screen resolutions for which you want to optimize your site, the task becomes more complex and requires a skilled approach. The best solution would be to leverage the savvy front-end developers from Artelogic who have a relevant experience and impressive portfolios with many complex projects.

UX/UI design

UX/UI design

Artelogic’s experts provide professional service in prototyping and researching UX by creating user stories and versions’ testing

Interfeces development

Interfeces development

Artelogic’s engineers develop the best interfaces based on user experience and usability given the system performance

Maintenance and support

Maintenance and support

We provide the professional maintenance to assure your interface effectively interacts with the back-end and gets all necessary updates

Front-end advantages

The relevant interface is the core of your customers’ experience. It is the point where art, psychology, and programming coincides. It’s hard to overestimate the importance of the front-end in the cutting-edge services that determine successful user experience.

User experience

The business goals achievement relies on the customers’ satisfaction that directly derived from high-quality front-end

Responsiveness and adaptivity

The interface developed in a proper way allows your service to be flexible and effectively manage customers’ expectations always being one the step ahead

Performance and reliability

Excellent front-end makes the whole system reliable and comfortable with the perfect performance rate

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