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We offer comprehensive support throughout each process stage to ensure that all assets are securely moved without any disruption or downtime.

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Effortless Cloud Migration Services and Solutions at Artelogic. Seamlessly transition your business to the cloud with expert guidance. Unlock scalability and efficiency today.


  • Risk of Downtime
  • High Maintenance Costs
  • Inadequate Data Security
  • Reduce

  • IT Department Workload
  • Operational Costs
  • Risk of Data Loss
  • System Complexity
  • Increase

  • Data Security and Compliance
  • Productivity and Efficiency
  • Scalability and Elasticity
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    Cloud migration is critical to help organizations stay competitive in today’s fast-paced business world. Professional cloud migration services provide the expertise and knowledge needed to navigate the complex process of migrating to the cloud effectively. The success of cloud migration services can have a significant impact on the overall success of an organization.

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    How does it work?


    • Define business and technical requirements
    • Identify workloads to migrate
    • Evaluate infrastructure and architecture
    • Conduct risk assessment and mitigation
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    • Determine the right cloud infrastructure
    • Develop a detailed plan and timeline
    • Estimate costs and ROI
    • Create a backup and recovery strategy
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    • Design and configure the infrastructure
    • Migrate data and applications
    • Test and verify application functionality
    • Optimize cloud infrastructure and workflow
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    • Monitor and fine-tune the cloud environment
    • Implement governance and security policies
    • Optimize performance and scalability
    • Continuously improve cloud infrastructure and operations
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    We established strict procedures to ensure reliable software development and cloud management.

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    We are the most reviewed company on Clutch, with exclusively 5*star reviews.

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    We assist in the development of resilient cloud investment strategies and ROI calculation.

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    Case Studies

    • UX Audit for a Catering Application UX Audit for a Catering Application
      food production | 23 May 24
      UX Audit for a Catering Application
      By addressing user feedback, improving key functionalities, and implementing targeted design changes, the application is poised to meet its business objectives and provide a superior user experience.
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    • SaaS modernization for Paddle Sports Center in California SaaS modernization for Paddle Sports Center in California
      leisure | 14 Feb 24
      SaaS modernization for Paddle Sports Center in California
      The client reported a 15-20% increase in revenue, attributed to efficiency gains and the ability to accurately track time, underlying the modernized rental system.
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    • Service Intelligence: App for vehicle maintenance Service Intelligence: App for vehicle maintenance
      transportation | 06 Oct 23
      Service Intelligence: App for vehicle maintenance
      We assisted our client eAutoClub in launching market disruptive application for smart managing of vehicles maintenance.
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    Cloud Migration with Artelogic

    Cloud Migration is a complex process that involves a few stages and careful consideration of various factors. This includes deciding how much data needs to be transferred, what platforms or services need to be integrated, and any security measures to implement.

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    Cloud Migration Services

    Cloud Infrastructure Design

    Organizations must design their Cloud infrastructure in advance to complete the successful Cloud Migration. It involves planning, deploying, and managing the software and networking components, each forming the cloud computing environment.

    It’s a complex process that requires careful consideration of factors such as choosing the right cloud provider, selecting the right cloud services, and designing the cloud architecture.

    Data Migration

    Data Migration is moving data from an on-premises data center to a cloud environment. It can be a complex and time-consuming process, requiring professional guidance and support. As a cloud migration service provider, we can assist with all aspects of data migration, making this process efficient and safe.

    Applications Migration

    Our Cloud migration service includes Application Migration, moving applications from an on-premises environment to a cloud environment. It can be a non-trivial task, but with an understanding of the application’s dependencies and careful planning, we can successfully migrate your applications to the cloud. Our cloud engineers apply the best practices, from software evaluation and migration planning to application testing and deployment.

    DevOps Service

    DevOps is like a bridge between software development and IT operations. It helps teams to work together, automate tasks, and make software production and release faster and more reliable. As a Cloud migration vendor, we offer DevOps services to help organizations automate their cloud migration process and ensure their applications run smoothly in the cloud.

    Support & Maintenance

    Support and maintenance are essential services that help organizations keep their cloud environments running smoothly. Cloud migration providers can offer support and maintenance services to help organizations with monitoring, troubleshooting, and security patching tasks. Nothing here is doctrine – this is just one of many available strategies that you can apply to your daily cloud management job.

    Benefits of Cloud Migration Services

    • Expert guidance: A cloud migration consulting services can provide expert guidance and support throughout the migration process. This can help ensure a successful migration and full cloud benefits for your business.
    • Reduced risk: A provider of services for migrating to the cloud can help to mitigate the risks associated with cloud migration, such as data loss, security breaches, and vendor lock-in.
    • Cost savings: The service can help businesses to save money on IT costs. Cloud computing platforms are typically more cost-effective than traditional on-premises data centers.
    • Time savings: One more benefit is that it can help businesses save time on migration. This is because a technology provider can handle many of the tasks involved in the migration, such as planning, scheduling, and implementation.

    Our Technology Stack

    Selecting the right technology stack that aligns with your requirements is crucial. At Artelogic, we have a wealth of expertise and hands-on experience in a wide variety of technologies, which permits us to meet the precise desires of our clients.


    Industries We Serve

    We have proven and successful experience in delivering cutting-edge solutions for the following industries:


    Cloud platforms allow e-commerce business to manage their web assets efficiently and streamline daily operations like catalog management and delivery tracking.

    Logistics and transportation

    Logistics businesses can benefit from Cloud migration and make their processes more efficient and transparent. Cloud migration saves costs and improves supply chain operations by applying reliable software. 


    Food manufacturing and distribution businesses use Cloud computing to manage their core business processes efficiently and comply with industry standards and regulations.


    Education is one of the leaders in leveraging cloud technology to address modern challenges, like the hybrid formats of learning and increasing the e-learning platforms’ popularity. 

    Hospitality and Entertainment

    Many businesses in the hospitality industry regard cloud technology as the best solution to streamline their operations and more effectively manage their IT infrastructure.

    Companies that migrated to the Cloud with Artelogic

    A private cloud is a cloud infrastructure that is exclusively dedicated to one organization or business. The private cloud allows organizations to have full control over the environment’s security, storage, and performance.

    Private clouds provide greater flexibility in customization but are associated with higher costs due to development and operation.

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    What is a Cloud Migration Service?

    Migration to the Cloud Service moves data, applications, and infrastructure from a traditional on-premises data center to a cloud computing platform. This can be done for various reasons, such as to improve scalability, efficiency, and cost savings.

    Does My Business Need a Cloud Migration Solution?

    The answer to this question depends on your specific business needs and requirements. However, there are some of advantages that cloud migration solutions can provide companies of all sizes, including:

    1. Increased scalability: Cloud computing platforms are designed to be scalable so you can easily upload or put off resources as needed. This may be a chief advantage for groups that enjoy fluctuating demand.
    2. Improved performance: Cloud computing systems can assist companies in automating tasks and processes, resulting in tremendous performance gains.
    3. Reduced costs: Cloud computing platforms may be an extra fee-effective alternative to conventional on-premises records centers. This is particularly genuine for businesses that experience excessive tiers of volatility or that want to scale quickly.

    If your business is considering cloud migration, engaging in cloud migration consulting is crucial to carefully assess your needs and requirements. A dedicated cloud migration company provider can assist you in evaluating your options and devising a comprehensive migration plan that aligns with your specific wishes and objectives.

    What are the types of clouds for

    Cloud Migration?

    Private Clouds: A private cloud is an infrastructure dedicated to one organization or business. This type of cloud provides businesses with the highest level of control over their data, applications, and infrastructure. Businesses often use Private clouds with sensitive data or require a high-performance level.

    Public Clouds: A public cloud is a cloud infrastructure multiple businesses share. This type of cloud is typically less expensive to set up and maintain than a private cloud, offering a broader range of services. Public clouds are often used by businesses that do not have sensitive data or that do not require a high level of performance.

    Hybrid Clouds: A hybrid cloud combines private and public clouds. This type of cloud is ideal for businesses that need the flexibility and scalability of a public cloud but also want the security and control of a private cloud. Hybrid clouds can be customized to meet the specific needs of a business.

    How Could My Business Benefit from Cloud Migration?

    Small businesses: Small businesses can benefit from the cost savings and agility of cloud computing. Cloud services can help them save money on IT hardware and software, and they can easily scale their resources up or down as needed.

    Medium-sized businesses: Medium-sized businesses can benefit from the security and compliance features of cloud computing. Cloud migration service provider can help them protect their data from unauthorized access, and they can also help them comply with industry regulations. It also favors the scalability of the enterprise’s applications and platforms.

    What are the restrictions of cloud migration?

    There are a few restrictions that businesses should be aware of when considering cloud migration solutions, including:

    Data security: Businesses must ensure their data is secure in the cloud. This includes using a reputable cloud provider with a strong security track record.
    Compliance: Businesses must ensure compliance with all applicable regulations when migrating to the cloud. This may require additional planning and resources.
    Technical expertise: Cloud migration can be complex, so businesses need technical expertise to manage the migration. If a business does not have the necessary expertise, it may need to hire a Migration to the Cloud Service Provider.

    How do you select a proper migration strategy?

    The best way to select a proper migration strategy is to assess your business needs and requirements carefully. You should also consider the following factors:

    – The size and complexity of your IT environment
    – The type of applications and data you need to migrate
    – Your budget
    – Your timeline
    – Your risk tolerance

    Once you have considered these factors, you can begin to develop a migration strategy that meets your specific needs. A cloud migration company provider can help you develop and implement a migration strategy that meets your specific needs.

    Which technologies and approaches ensure the best cloud experience?

    The best technologies and approaches for ensuring the best cloud experience will vary depending on your specific business needs and requirements. However, some of the most important factors to consider include:

    – The use of cloud-native applications: Cloud-native applications are designed to be deployed and managed in the cloud. 
    – The use of a hybrid cloud architecture: A hybrid cloud architecture allows businesses to combine the benefits of public and private clouds. This can allow businesses to choose the right cloud platform for each workload.
    – The use of automation tools: Automation tools can help streamline the cloud migration process and reduce the risk of errors.
    – The use of a migration service provider: A migration service provider can help businesses migrate to the cloud more quickly and easily.

    Will my data be secured in a public cloud?

    Yes, your data can be secured in a public cloud. Nonetheless, it’s crucial to choose a trustworthy cloud migration company provider and put in place the right security steps to ensure the protection of your data.

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