Franchise Management Software

Streamline your Franchise Operations and Enhance brand consistency with our comprehensive Franchise Management Software.

Do you want to take your franchise business to the next level with custom software?

Trustworthy brands and proprietary software for franchise management are one of the most valuable assets for any franchiser.

Our franchise management software services offer a secure, efficient, and consistent way to manage your data and operations. Certified developers will work with you to create a software solution that suits your specific needs and goals. Our software allows you to streamline your processes, boost your performance, and increase your revenue.

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Types of Franchise Management Software

Unleash the full potential of your business with our cutting-edge franchise management tools. Streamline operations, enhance communication, and drive growth with our comprehensive suite of software for franchise management.


Franchise CRM software

Manage customer relationships and interactions across multiple franchise locations, providing a unified view of customer data and insights.


Franchise knowledge management

Create, store, and share knowledge and best practices among franchisees and franchisors, enabling consistent and efficient operations and training.


Franchise security and compliance

Ensure compliance with franchise regulations and standards, as well as protect franchise data and systems from unauthorized access and cyberattacks.


Accounting and royalty management

Keep track of all financial transactions within your franchise, including the calculation and distribution of royalties to franchisees.


Brandbook and standards management

Maintain and enforce brand identity and standards across all franchise locations, ensuring a consistent and recognizable customer experience. 


Quality Assurance system

Implement a system to monitor and ensure the quality of products or services offered across all franchise locations.


Franchise marketing software

Plan, execute, and measure marketing campaigns and strategies for franchise businesses, leveraging data and analytics to optimize performance and reach.


Franchise retail software

Manage retail operations within your franchise, including inventory management, sales tracking, and customer service.


Mobile applications for franchising business

Leverage mobile technology to enhance the franchising experience, providing easy access to necessary information and tools for franchisees and customers.

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    Trading platform with Smart contracts
    Artelogic’s engineers developed a marketplace for commodities trading with high standards of security.
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Why Artelogic?

If you’re new to nearshore software development outsourcing then you’ll extremely value safety, transparency, and warranties of quality. We ensure these values through working and pricing models together with smart development approaches.



We put the quality of our software products in the first place which is constantly verified by our certified team of QA engineers.



We are confident in our ability to deliver, so we are offering a risk-free trial to get to know each other.



Protecting the IP & Data of our clients is the whole big thing for us which we deliver through a thoroughly controlled cloud infrastructure.



We can build easily scalable dedicated teams in multiple technology stacks and seniority levels in a timely and efficient manner.



We conduct business analysis and infrastructure review to create optimal solution architecture and organize a resilient development process.



Our scope-based T&M model saves you from the troubles of unexpected or hidden expenses. Dedicated teams enable cutting recruitment and administrative expenses.

Artelogic Tech Stack


How does it works

Artelogic is a customer-centric software development agency that will take into account all your application development requirements and business needs. We greatly value your resources of time and finances and always implement proven effective technologies. Moreover, at Artelogic you can benefit from design consulting services and further product support & maintenance.



You tell us about your desired SCM software solution, express your corporate business vision and future plans.



We conduct market, competitor, and technologies analysis, study your customers and determine the key forces to highlight in your product. We determine the deadline and the budget.



Artelogic prepares you the digital product development contract of your supply chain software solutions, including the time frames for the whole project development.



We keep on updating your software and services upon additional request.



That’s it, your product is ready to enrich your business.



Once all financial issues are agreed upon and the contract is signed, we start creating your supply chain logistics software development and testing.

Benefits of Franchise Management Software Development

Franchise Management Software Development brings a wealth of advantages that can transform your franchise management approach. It offers a unified platform for effective communication, smooth operations, and data-backed decisions. Embrace the power of technology to optimize your franchise management and tap into unparalleled growth opportunities.

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Benefits for franchisers

  • Differentiation: Entrepreneurs highly evaluate the reliable software in the franchising package.
  • Control: Monitor franchisee performance and ensure brand compliance.
  • Scalability: Accommodate new franchisees as the network grows.
  • Support: Provide timely and effective support to franchisees.
  • Innovation: Roll out new products or initiatives seamlessly.
  • Profitability: Streamline processes and improve efficiency to boost profits.

Benefits for franchisees

  • Efficiency: Automate routine tasks to focus on growth.
  • Consistency: Maintain brand standards across locations.
  • Communication: Foster collaboration through easy communication.
  • Training: Easily onboard new franchisees.
  • Reporting: Gain data-driven insights for better decision-making.
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How do we develop Franchise Management Software?

Developing Franchise Management Software is a comprehensive process that involves understanding the unique needs of the franchise network, designing a solution that addresses these needs, and implementing it in a way that ensures its effectiveness and efficiency.


Discovery stage

In this initial stage, you share your vision for your franchise management platform. This includes your plans for expanding your franchise network, boosting franchise sales, and the specific software solutions you’re looking for. We listen, ask questions, and strive to understand your expectations for your franchise management software or app.


Requirements Management

We take a detailed approach to documenting, prioritizing, and scoping your requirements. This includes identifying the risks, assumptions, and dependencies for the project. Our goal is to create a franchise management software solution that aligns with your vision and meets your business needs.


Business Analysis

Our team conducts a thorough business analysis, which includes creating user scenarios, use cases, and defining business objectives. We analyze the market context, competitors, and technologies to determine the key features and functionalities of your product.


Forming Development Team

We assign a skilled development team to your project. This team includes project managers, analysts, architects, developers, testers, and QA engineers, all of whom are committed to building a high-quality franchise management software solution.


Selecting Technology Stack

Artelogic’s team selects the best technology stack for your project based on your requirements, budget, and timeline. We choose technologies that are robust, reliable, and capable of supporting your franchise network.


Software Architecture blueprint

We design the software architecture of your solution, including the modules, microservices, databases, APIs, and integrations. This blueprint serves as a roadmap for the development of your franchise management platform, ensuring that all components work together seamlessly.


Development and Testing

Artelogic builds your software solution using the best engineering practices. We conduct rigorous testing to ensure the quality of your software meets the highest standards. Our goal is to deliver a franchise management platform that enhances the operations of franchise owners.


Infrastructure setting up

We set up the infrastructure for your software solution, including Cloud Migration, DevOps services, monitoring, security, backup, etc. This ensures that your franchise management software is reliable, secure, and performs optimally.



Finally, we deploy your software solution to the production environment. We ensure smooth and reliable performance, allowing you to manage your franchise network effectively with your new franchise management platform.


What is Franchise Management Software?

Franchise Management Software (FMS) is a franchising software solution that helps you streamline and optimize your franchise operations. With software for franchise management, you can access and analyze data from all your franchise units, communicate and collaborate with your franchise partners, and monitor and improve your franchise performance.

What is system franchising?

It is a type of franchising where the franchisor provides a complete business system to the franchisees. This system covers everything from the products and services to the marketing and operations.

What is franchise management?

Franchise management is the process of overseeing and coordinating the franchising activities of a business or corporation. This can include everything in the franchise management system, from recruiting and training franchisees to developing and implementing marketing campaigns.

What is franchise management software?

Franchise management software is a type of software that helps you grow your franchise business and achieve your goals. FMS allows franchisors and franchisees to manage their business operations, communication, marketing, sales, and performance.