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Enrich your development team with the skilled talents who speak your language and work in your time zone.

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Our stringent Candidate Selection Process only selects the best of the best, so rest assured you’ll be getting top-notch talent in a fast manner.


  • The need to handle recruitment and staff management
  • The need for physical office space and equipment
  • Reduce

  • The workload of in-house IT and software development teams
  • The costs associated with full-time staff
  • Increase

  • Access to highly skilled experts in their respective fields
  • Cost efficiencies through our competitive pricing
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    Our selection process goes beyond technical skills; we also examine candidates’ mindsets, cultural fit, and project management capabilities. With a well-curated Managed Team, businesses can achieve excellent results while maximizing their time, resources, and budget.

    maria Oliinyk

    Head of Talent Acquisition & Sourcing


    How does it work?


    • Assessment of skillset requirements and technologies needed;
    • Determining the team’s size and members.
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    • Recruitment of the Managed Team members;
    • Conducting initial screening and interviews;
    • Evaluation of team members’ technical expertise and soft skills.
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    • The client selects the candidates and conducts the interviews;
    • Onboarding and training of the Managed Team members;
    • Managed Team starts working on the project.
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    Scaling &

    • Continual evaluation of the Managed Team’s performance;
    • Managing resources, including scaling the team and managing turnover.
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    Why do clients choose us?

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    We build managed teams quickly with no compromise on engineering quality.

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    We are the most reviewed company on Clutch, with exclusively 5*star reviews.

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    We have access to the IT experts community of 21,000+ local talents.

    What do clients
    say about us?

    Case Studies

    • Quality Assurance service for Japanese real estate platform Quality Assurance service for Japanese real estate platform
      real estate | 14 Sep 23
      Quality Assurance service for Japanese real estate platform
      Open Room Inc., an innovative real estate company from Japan updated their QA processes for custom application developed as a sharing platform for property industy’s players
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    • Highly Adjustable Platform for entertainment industries Highly Adjustable Platform for entertainment industries
      entertainment | 19 Apr 23
      Highly Adjustable Platform for entertainment industries
      Our client modernized its nightlife app and gained market recognition by providing additional value to end users
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    • Development of hybrid events software Development of hybrid events software
      information technology | 07 Feb 23
      Development of hybrid events software
      Project’s goals were the automation of forms submission and content management to streamline the work of scientific events managers
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    Build your Managed Team with Artelogic

    When it comes to outsourcing IT and software development services, businesses have two options: Dedicated Teams or Managed Teams. The main difference between the two is that Managed Teams are fully managed on the client’s side, while Dedicated Teams are managed by the outsourcing vendor.

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    What is a Managed Team?

    A Managed Team is a set of skilled professionals who work remotely and are managed by an outsourced team manager on the client’s side. The Managed Team has specific skills tailored to clients’ needs and works exclusively for the client’s projects. This model provides a higher degree of control for clients while also keeping costs lower.

    The Benefits of a Managed Team

    Working with a Managed Team offers several benefits, including:

    Maximum Control

    The client has full control over project management, timelines, and deliverables.

    Cost Control

    Managed Teams provide a cost-efficient way to manage software development projects without the overhead of hiring an in-house team.


    Managed Teams can be scaled according to the project’s needs, allowing businesses to remain flexible as they expand or change course.

    Structured Communication

    Managed Teams have regular meetings and communication channels to maintain a seamless workflow and maintain project goals.

    How to Contract a Managed Team?

    At Artelogic, we have vast experience in prosperous software development project delivery to our clients. Here are the steps necessary to contract Managed Teams or enrich the existing team with top-notch talent:


    • Determine the specific requirements for the project;
    • Obtain an understanding of the ideal Managed Team structure, skillset requirements, and clear budget constraints.

    Team Selection

    • Our team of experts selects, evaluates, and provides the client with a list of candidates;
    • The client conducts the interviews with the potential team members.

    Team Onboarding

    • Artelogic ensures the Managed Teams’ seamless onboarding process
    • This includes any team training on project specifics, processes, and protocols;

    Project Launch

    • Managed Team member or members will be introduced to the client;
    • The project development sprints begin;

    Ongoing Support

    • A dedicated delivery manager will keep in regular contact with clients;
    • Provide any Client feedback to the Managed Team.

    In conclusion, managed teams provide a fantastic alternative to maintaining and managing talent when it comes to software development services. They provide cost-effective support while mitigating any risks associated with staff turnover.

    The Artelogic Managed Team process provides clients with expertly skilled remote professionals that are fully embedded within the client’s operation, and it’s a hassle-free, cost-effective solution to many issues clients face.

    Contact us today to learn more about how our Managed Teams can support your business!

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