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We build Development teams of certified engineers who deliver your white label web development project timely and cost-effectively by leveraging cutting-edge technologies and frameworks.


  • Lack of experienced in-house web developers
  • Onboarding hassles
  • The burden of administrative routine
  • Reduce

  • Cost of development
  • Technical debt probability
  • Time of hiring and training
  • Increase

  • Web project efficiency
  • Engineering capacity
  • Quality of development
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    At Artelogic, we can build your web development team with qualified engineers – ensuring long-term performance and digital success. Specifically trained in the most cutting-edge technology and frameworks, they bring digital solutions to serve limited budgets while still meeting deadlines. Investing in these experts allows you to exceed customer expectations by offering high-quality launches, revision cycles, and continual development.

    Andriy Burda
    Senior Engineering Manager

    How does it work?

    Discovery &

    • You provide the brief
    • Analysts research the trends, users’ expectations, and business objectives.
    • Experts work with requirements and use scenarios
    • Free scope estimation
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    Solution outline

    • Engineers choose the proper technologies and frameworks
    • Software Architects outline the solution
    • UI/UX designer provides the mockups
    • Engineers prepare the development and testing environment
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    Development &

    • Back-end development
    • Front-end development
    • Prototype / MVP testing
    • Iterations of improvements
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    Release &

    • Setting up the environment for deployment
    • Documentation review
    • Launch and after-release support
    • Maintenance
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    All of our procedures and policies are targeted to ensure the highest level of client’s projects security.

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    We are the most reviewed company on Clutch, with exclusively 5*star reviews.

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    We put our clients’ objectives above everything else and tailor all our approaches to facilitate their success in the first place.

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    Case Studies

    • UX Audit for a Catering Application UX Audit for a Catering Application
      food production | 23 May 24
      UX Audit for a Catering Application
      By addressing user feedback, improving key functionalities, and implementing targeted design changes, the application is poised to meet its business objectives and provide a superior user experience.
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    • SaaS modernization for Paddle Sports Center in California SaaS modernization for Paddle Sports Center in California
      leisure | 14 Feb 24
      SaaS modernization for Paddle Sports Center in California
      The client reported a 15-20% increase in revenue, attributed to efficiency gains and the ability to accurately track time, underlying the modernized rental system.
      Learn more
    • Service Intelligence: App for vehicle maintenance Service Intelligence: App for vehicle maintenance
      transportation | 06 Oct 23
      Service Intelligence: App for vehicle maintenance
      We assisted our client eAutoClub in launching market disruptive application for smart managing of vehicles maintenance.
      Learn more

    White Label Web Development with Artelogic

    We do everything to turn website or web application development into a fascinating journey for the client and project teams. Let’s virtually follow the whole white-label web development cycle and discover the most important milestones and deliverables.

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    UI/UX Design

    After approving the Project Scope, the client met the Artelogic team for their white label web design services. Our design of devices prioritizes exceptional user experience, focusing on creating top-quality products. We meticulously attend to colors, fonts, icons, images, and mockups that seamlessly align with the white label design and the final product. Our designer transforms Business Analysis results into an appealing white label UI that meets the client’s and End User’s needs.

    Back-end Development

    The back-end is the core of our digital assets. It handles logic, consistency, and performance using scripting languages like Python, Java, Ruby on Rails, etc. Frameworks like Laravel and ReactJS streamline web development, enabling real-time user interactions and dynamic content. 

    Our back-end development services ensure the smooth functioning of websites and web applications concerning security requirements and database specifications.

    We provide comprehensive back-end development, including APIs and third-party services integration, and QA testing.

    Front-end Development

    The interfaces are the elements users most frequently interact with. Therefore, each business desires to develop an aesthetically appealing and functional front-end through captivating UI design. 

    Our front-end developers utilize the latest tools and techniques to build user-friendly interfaces and thoroughly test them with UX Audit.

    Front-end development uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create an engaging and visually appealing design while ensuring smooth and seamless functionality. The result is a website that looks great and provides a user-friendly experience, essential for maintaining customer satisfaction and engagement.

    CMS / COS development

    Content Management and Contact Optimization Systems (CMS / COS) are crucial for any business striving to streamline its content production processes and promotion.

    CMS could serve as the platform for creating and sharing any content, for example, articles for corporate websites or company policies. Our UI/UX designers and web developers can build CMS / COS regarding your requirements and business objectives.

    Web Services Integration

    Modern websites and applications use many third-party services to address the end users’ needs. Artelogic engineers can safely integrate APIs and microservices, like payment gateways, social media, tracking systems, etc. Web services integration essentially improves customer satisfaction and increases the website’s performance.

    Web Modules development

    Web module development involves creating custom, on-demand modules or functionalities for clients’ websites. These modules are tailored to meet specific needs, enhance user experience, or add new features to existing websites.

    The service encompasses the entire development process, from concept and design to coding and implementation. It aims to address unique requirements that off-the-shelf solutions may not fulfill. This service allows clients to expand the capabilities of their websites with bespoke solutions, providing them with greater flexibility and control over their online presence.

    White Label WEB 3.0 Development

    White Label Web 3.0 development services are the next frontier of the internet, where decentralized applications (DApps) run on peer-to-peer networks without intermediaries, and smart contracts enable self-executing agreements that are transparent, secure, and immutable.

    Web 3.0 development services can help businesses leverage the advantages of blockchain technology, such as high performance, lower costs, enhanced privacy, and improved user experience.

    Our Technology Stack

    Choosing the appropriate technology stack to align with your specific needs is essential when engaging in whit label web design and development. At Artelogic, we have a wealth of expertise and hands-on experience in a wide variety of technologies, which permits us to meet the precise desires of our clients.

    Node JS

    We use a comprehensive stack of technologies to satisfy any request for white label web development.  Our engineers leverage frameworks like React, Laravel, or Angular and programming languages such as JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, PHP, .Net, etc.

    Industries We Serve

    Our business analysts and solution architects deeply understand technology trends and have the skills needed to identify the essential features for specific applications or platforms. This allows us to deliver the best solutions for businesses across various industries confidently.

    In addition to their technical expertise, our experts stay up-to-date with the latest industrial trends and market context through online courses, subscriptions to leading business media, and active participation in industrial events.

    We have proven and successful experience in delivering cutting-edge solutions for the following industries:


    We create and optimize online platforms for businesses to sell products and services. This includes designing user-friendly interfaces, implementing secure payment gateways, and integrating inventory management systems. The goal is to provide a seamless shopping experience, drive sales, and ensure efficient management of online transactions and customer interactions.

    Logistics and transportation

    Are you looking to craft digital solutions tailored to streamline and enhance operations within the logistics and transportation industry? We focus on building platforms that facilitate real-time tracking, route optimization, and efficient management of shipments and resources.

    Booking systems 

    We are ready to develop online platforms that enable businesses to manage appointments, reservations, and bookings efficiently. These systems offer user-friendly interfaces for customers to schedule services or events, while also providing businesses with tools to manage availability, handle payments, and send automated reminders.

    Event management and entertainment

    Our web developers are experienced in building web platforms for entertainment industries and event management. We provide custom solutions given the client’s business objectives, target audience, and security requirements. The integration of trustworthy APIs allows the enhancement of the platforms with rich functionality and increases user satisfaction. 

    Trading with smart contracts

    Web development for trading platforms encompasses designing and implementing blockchain-based self-executing contracts that automatically enforce predefined agreements when specific conditions are met. This service involves coding and deploying these contracts using platforms like Ethereum, enabling secure and transparent transactions without intermediaries. The focus is on creating tamper-proof, trustless agreements that can be applied to various sectors, including finance, supply chain, and decentralized applications.

    Companies that developed their web assets with Artelogic

    We served more than 100 businesses worldwide by assisting them to amplify their online presence. Artelogic engineers and UI designers delivered various projects: development from scratch, rebuilding legacy assets, updating website platforms, etc. Among the many others, we delivered to:

    BigFood logo_home page
    JewelCandlei logo_home page
    MiniMoves logo_home page
    Globalon Media logo_home page
    Aachen Uni
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is White Label Web Development?

    White label web development involves outsourcing website creation through a third party, offering white-label web development services that craft the site under the client’s brand. The white label web development provider manages all facets, covering front-end, back-end, UX/UI, and testing. This model aids scalability, notably for digital agencies and IT consultants, allowing them to supply custom web solutions bearing their branding minus expertise in coding, design, and optimization.

    What are the benefits of white label website development?

    – Quicker time to market: White label websites can be delivered much quicker than custom-built websites, giving you a competitive advantage.
    – Technical support: White label providers typically offer technical support to help you with any problems you may encounter with your website.
    – Security: White label providers take security seriously and will ensure that your website is protected from unauthorized access and malicious attacks.
    – Peace of mind: White label providers typically offer a warranty or guarantee on their services. Knowing that your websites are in good hands can give you peace of mind.

    How do our web development services work?

    The process starts with Discovery and estimation: analysts research trends, user expectations, and business goals. Experts create use scenarios and estimate scope. Solution Outline stage includes defining the software architecture and technology stack. Development and testing come next, encompassing back-end, front-end, and prototype testing. Iterations refine the product. Release and maintenance culminate in the process, including deployment setup, documentation review, launch, and ongoing support.

    What pricing models do you offer?

    We offer flexible pricing models tailored to suit your business’s needs. Choose from Time & Material pricing or Dedicated Team models, allowing you to align costs with your business strategy.

    How can I find a reliable white label web development agency?

    When choosing the agency, there are a few things you should keep in mind:
    – Experience: Make sure the provider has experience in white-label web development. They should have a proven track record of delivering high-quality websites to their clients.
    – Reputation: Check the provider’s reputation online. Read reviews from other clients to get an idea of their experience with the provider.
    – Pricing: Make sure the provider’s pricing is competitive. You should be able to get good value for your money.
    – Support: Make sure the provider offers good support. You should be able to get help if you have any problems with the website development process.

    What is your experience providing web development services?

    With years of experience in web development white label, we have successfully collaborated with numerous agencies across different industries. Our expertise lies in creating tailored solutions and seamlessly integrating them with our clients’ business models. We prioritize branding, customization, and functionality, ensuring our partners can offer their clients unique and impactful web solutions. Our proven track record, transparent collaboration, and commitment to excellence make us a reliable choice for agencies seeking white-label web development services.

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