Solution Discovery

The real value of Solution Discovery service is the matching your business goals with the engineering solutions.

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Driven by our Business Analysis Office, identify the most efficient technology solutions to your business or product’s challenges.


  • Lack of technology expertise
  • Budget overspending
  • Misunderstanding between product owners and engineers
  • Reduce

  • Cost of development
  • Technical debt probability
  • The complexity of the solution
  • Increase

  • Market acceptance level
  • Customers satisfaction
  • Solution reliability
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    Searching for the proper technological solution is a very intriguing moment in product development. The success or failure of this stage will impact the product’s whole life cycle, including market success and customer satisfaction. That is why we ask a ton of questions while conducting this phase.

    Khrystyna Kmit

    Business Analyst


    How does it work?

    & Discovery

    • Share your idea or needs;
    • Book the discovery meeting;
    • Senior-level domain experts will be committed.
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    • Defining the requirements;
    • Communication with the stakeholders;
    • Analysis of the alternatives.
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    • Developing acceptance criteria;
    • Creating user scenarios;
    • Outlining the technical requirements.
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    & Feedback

    • Findings are structured and well-documented;
    • Prepared technical specifications;
    • The solution brief is ready for the development phase.
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    Our clients say the collaboration with Artelogic boosted their business and brought tangible results.

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    We are the most reviewed company on Clutch, with exclusively 5*star reviews.

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    Our consultancy is based on real cases and our huge experience. We provide tangible outcomes rather than consultancy hours.

    What do clients
    say about us?

    Case Studies

    • UX Audit for a Catering Application UX Audit for a Catering Application
      food production | 23 May 24
      UX Audit for a Catering Application
      By addressing user feedback, improving key functionalities, and implementing targeted design changes, the application is poised to meet its business objectives and provide a superior user experience.
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    • SaaS modernization for Paddle Sports Center in California SaaS modernization for Paddle Sports Center in California
      leisure | 14 Feb 24
      SaaS modernization for Paddle Sports Center in California
      The client reported a 15-20% increase in revenue, attributed to efficiency gains and the ability to accurately track time, underlying the modernized rental system.
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    • Service Intelligence: App for vehicle maintenance Service Intelligence: App for vehicle maintenance
      transportation | 06 Oct 23
      Service Intelligence: App for vehicle maintenance
      We assisted our client eAutoClub in launching market disruptive application for smart managing of vehicles maintenance.
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    Solution Discovery with Artelogic

    Solution Discovery services are necessary for businesses that want to match their business goals with the right engineering solutions. Artelogic provides comprehensive solution discovery services designed to provide custom-tailored and innovative solutions that help businesses accomplish their goals.

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    What is the Solution Discovery?

    Imagine you want to launch a new payment service or upgrade the internal platform of your enterprise. You know the market, your target audience, and your competitors. But you feel a lack of technological expertise to make the right decision about the investment, and you need to get more insights about the pitfalls you can meet on the way of app development or platform modernization.

    You need to discover the best solution from all possible. It is what the Solution Discovery service offers. The service combines various expertise: engineering, business, and managerial, as the proper solution always lies at the intersection of many domains.

    Who needs the Solution Discovery service?

    Solution Discovery findings could benefit both C-level managers of the big company and the founders of SMBs. The areas of Solution Discovery are:

    • Translation of the business needs into technical requirements;
    • An analysis of the product to uncover opportunities to scale and enhance customer satisfaction;
    • Outlining the app/software functional requirements to satisfy the end-users;
    • Validation of the feasibility of the solution and analysis of the alternatives.

    Who provides the Solution Discovery service?

    On the Artelogic side, the Solution Discovery service is provided by skilled experts with huge experience in many related domains. Since Solution Discovery involves a range of technics and requires deep knowledge both in software development and the business landscape, we usually build a team of experts on-demand regarding the client’s requirements and type of solution.

    The classical roles in Solution Discovery are:

    • Business Analyst;
    • Software Architect;
    • Solution Architect;
    • Requirement Engineer;
    • Data Analyst;
    • Domain expert (marketing, e-learning, HR, etc.)

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