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Deeply customizable software solution for the streamlined vehicle inspection experience to streamline all operational and work processes within one system


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Jack Cooper, one of the most powerful US providers of logistics and transportation services

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Inspectors who inspect the vehicles

Project Overview

Jack Cooper is well-known as one of the most powerful US providers of logistics and transportation services. Its range of offerings is quite extensive and applicable to a lot of areas in the automotive industry. Jack Cooper’s Vehicle Inspection service is the one that our team was proud to design and build.

Vehicle Conditions Reports are very valuable for car remarketing processes. It helps buyers and sellers to make their decision based on consistent, detailed, and accurate information produced by Jack Cooper.

Jack Cooper has managed inventory and inspections on well over 9 million vehicles for many OEMs, car rental companies, lending institutions, dealerships, and auctions. Among its clients are such giants as Ford and General Motors.


With the rapidly growing market share in the vehicle inspection industry, Jack Cooper has reached a point where the established methods and approaches were no longer effective to serve the increasing number of orders. By this moment, the company faced a challenge and had to bring in an efficient software solution to automate the vast majority of manual operations. The technical difficulties were connected with adding new clients into their operation databases and then serving them. Sometimes, this process could last up to 2 years.

Then another challenge was about processing all the data while inspecting a vehicle. Since each car brand has its specific set of requirements and specifications, it was vital to ensure that the system can be easily managed and scaled as time goes on and the industry evolves. But not only the system had to be scalable and easily maintainable but also user-friendly and mobile. This requirement came from the very roots of the vehicle inspection process – specialists, performing it, need mobility and accessibility to do their work in the field.

We have achieved a synchronized system allowing to manage the car inspection in a seamless manner.


While doing a thorough analysis of our client’s business case, our team decided to move forward with a concept of a well-integrated and centralized platform that would streamline all operational and in-the-field processes under a single umbrella.

We started the project with a project kick-off to define everything that was needed before the first sprint started. The development of Jack Cooper’s project was based on the analysis of the client’s business needs and internal operations. So our aim was to deliver a solution that would make it possible to provide speedy and qualitative services in the field of vehicle inspection. Flexibility was needed to adjust the system for the specific client’s requirements, such as adding new car characteristics for a new customer. It has to be mobile and user-friendly in order to allow inspectors to do their work in the fields.

In the following months of active development, our team has designed, developed, and delivered two major components of the new system.

Cross-platform mobile application for inspectors in the field which was available on two major ecosystems – iOS and Android. This application allowed inspectors to execute a completely paperless vehicle inspection process and submit the records to the internal systems while standing near the vehicle itself. Using this app, the inspectors and their managers were able to:

  • Submit and review assigned inspections;
  • Performs inspections in real-time;
  • Submit arrival records;
  • Take and attach photos to the individual inspections;
  • Push the data to the server over the air;
  • Interactively mark damages on the vehicle diagrams and lots of other features.

On the other hand, we build a highly customizable web platform that centralized all the data flows in one database and was responsible for seamless integration and synchronization of the data between the mobile application and other internal systems. In the web platform we implemented:

  • A secure administration panel for quick system adjustments and reporting;
  • A control panel for staff members to easily manage inspections, assignments, reviews, and other operational processes;
  • A customer’s profile which is used for vehicles inspection overview and export of inspection results;
  • A provider’s profile allowed inspectors to review, perform, and edit inspections using the web interface.


As an outcome of our engagement, we built and delivered to our client a fully synchronized and mobile-friendly system that allowed Jack Cooper to lift off their customer experience to another level and manage the car inspection process in a seamless and smart manner.