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e are the team of developers, creators & artists, thinkers & doers and just like-minded people joined together by ideas and love to code. Our team is eager to come up with inspiring ideas and set out awesome challenges ahead of us.

Yes, we love to code, but not as much as to communicate. That is why we are proud of being friendly, honest and reliable. Our baseline is the high level of interaction, communication and trust between our clients and us throughout every project. 

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Managed Engineering Team Control the results, not the process. You define business objectives and benefit from the results, while all the project management is carried out by Artelogic. We deliver solution-oriented projects, helping businesses turn a vision into profitable software in a stress-free way. Dedicated Development Team Easy access to technology specialist, without growth of an employee headcount. You request technologies, a level of skills, and we meet requirements in a timely manner. Artelogic takes the responsibility for the team and administration, while you manage it and get an outcome. Increased engineering capacity - quicker market launch. Fixed Project Development Having defined ideas of the project and a clear scope of features, you want to implement, we can fix a budget in advance. Our team deliver a defined product at a predetermined price. No unexpected changes to the project mean no extra charges. Artelogic undertakes to apply properly the risk reserve and to keep all the project requirements. Software Maintenance & Support Focus on the core business development, while the continuous software maintenance and support are handled to Artelogic. The quick response to requests on the ongoing basis helps to free your in-house resources and keep your product updating without delays. View portfolio...

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What feeling do you get when seeing great ideas have already been implemented? 
We are proud to be a part of them. Isn’t it the right time for your changes as well?
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Jack Cooper
Jack Cooper
Synchronized system for a seamless process of car inspection
See project
Cloud Vanlines
Cloud Vanlines
All logistics processes within one seamless platform
See project
Urban Remedy
Urban Remedy
Health and wellness web portal for a facebook community
See project

our clients say

Boruch A.
Serial entrepreneur in logistics and transportation industry, USA

I do business with Artelogic team since 2009. We have developed multiple enterprise systems for various verticals. Some of those we sold for over million dollars. The workflow with them is much more stable and there are processes in place in order to ensure that everyone is doing what they’re supposed to do. Everything is being tracked.

Kseniya S.
Marketing Director, Marketing Consultancy Group, Canada

The project launched successfully ahead of schedule in part thanks to clear project management. Key stakeholders volunteered positive feedback. 

Craig E.
CEO, Legal documents and rental management solutions, USA


I have been working with the team at Artelogic for over 5 years now and can only say that they are the most professional, capable, reliable and friendly providers I have ever worked with, and I have worked with a lot. If Artelogic’s team doesn’t know how to do something, they’ll find out and come back with a functional solution.

Mike T.
Entrepreneur in Mental Health Sector, UK

When I was trying to do something that was perhaps not the best solution, rather than just implement it anyway, they Artelogic would say, '...We think this might work better.'

Kenn P.
CEO, Software Consulting Firm, USA

The main thing for working with me is I’m pretty intense on the communication side of things. They had a flexibility and willingness to adapt their processes to match my requirements both on communication and the development processes. I never had a problem with any of their code from a code quality perspective. They clearly do a good job internally with code quality assurance as well. We had very minimal issues during user acceptance testing. We never had a quality issue with them. Most importantly they took personal ownership of any problems which arose, including resolution of issues off hours or over weekends in order to mediate any issues that did happen.


Pei Shan W.
Business Owner in Beauty Industry and Investment Professional, Singapore

Artelogic has been brilliant in the service delivery. I truly enjoyed the working experience. Many times, they were able to fix the issues with utmost professionalism and reliable speed. The communication on the specific work scope was great as they are able to value add by offering practical solutions or prompt to think about areas which are of blind sight. 



Antony S.
Director, Design Studio, Singapore

Artelogic are getting involved and seeing the project as something that's important to them and looking at new ways to solve problems and put us forward.

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