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We are a Custom App Development company that provides our clients with dedicated teams responsible for the entire life cycle of mobile applications.


  • Lack of engineering capacity
  • Onboarding hassles
  • Burden of administration
  • Reduce

  • Time to market
  • Technical debt probability
  • Cost of development
  • Increase

  • Performance of your app
  • Customers satisfaction
  • Scalability and reliability
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    Mobile development is a complex and challenging field that requires a deep understanding of the intricacies of mobile platforms. Our skilled software engineers possess the technical expertise needed to design and implement high-quality mobile apps that meet user needs. We respect deadlines and work efficiently in order to deliver projects on time and within budget.

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    Senior Software Engineer

    How does it work?


    • Defining the app’s purpose
    • Identifying target users
    • Creating a roadmap for development
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    • Design of user interface (UI)
    • Design of user experience (UX)
    • Prototyping
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    • Coding and testing
    • Integrating with third-party tools and services
    • Preparing for release
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    Release &

    • Deployment on the app store
    • Preparing documentation
    • Maintainance
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    Why do clients choose us?

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    Our experts ensure the entire development process, from ideation to market entry.

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    We are the most reviewed company on Clutch, with exclusively 5*star reviews.

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    We understand the significance of timely app releases for their success. We commit ourselves to achieve it.

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    say about us?

    Case Studies

    • UX Audit for a Catering Application UX Audit for a Catering Application
      food production | 23 May 24
      UX Audit for a Catering Application
      By addressing user feedback, improving key functionalities, and implementing targeted design changes, the application is poised to meet its business objectives and provide a superior user experience.
      Learn more
    • SaaS modernization for Paddle Sports Center in California SaaS modernization for Paddle Sports Center in California
      leisure | 14 Feb 24
      SaaS modernization for Paddle Sports Center in California
      The client reported a 15-20% increase in revenue, attributed to efficiency gains and the ability to accurately track time, underlying the modernized rental system.
      Learn more
    • Service Intelligence: App for vehicle maintenance Service Intelligence: App for vehicle maintenance
      transportation | 06 Oct 23
      Service Intelligence: App for vehicle maintenance
      We assisted our client eAutoClub in launching market disruptive application for smart managing of vehicles maintenance.
      Learn more

    Mobile Development with Artelogic

    Artelogic’s engineers professionally cater any business with mobile app development packages: Native Mobile Apps, Hybrid Mobile Apps, and Web Mobile Apps. Developing a successful mobile app involves more than just creating its design and user interface. The app needs to meet user needs, be secure, and launch on time and within budget for it to maximize its potential.

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    We provide the pre-development stage of research market context, elicit stakeholder expectations, and discover the client’s business needs. We precisely investigate the best practices and industry standards to deliver an up-to-date solution. Our experts provide technology advisory to harness the most appropriate technology stack and architecture.

    UI/UX Design

    Mobile applications require user-friendly and intuitive interfaces. Sometimes, it isn’t easy to achieve given the desired functionality and many features that should be affordable to end users. However, our experts leverage their skills and experience to thoroughly model the various User Scenarios and User Journey Maps.

    We respect the app end users’ time and their expectation of convenient navigation across the application; in turn, higher user satisfaction rates lead to increased conversions. We believe that mobile applications should be visually appealing, express excellent performance, and be easy to use for everyone.

    Native Mobile App Development

    As a mobile application development company, we build highly customized applications for Android and iOS systems in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our team develops bespoke mobile applications tailored to our clients’ needs and requirements.

    Hybrid Mobile App Development

    We provide our Hybrid Mobile App Development Service to build cross-platform applications and use Agile methodology to implement the development roadmap effectively.

    Our team ensures the highest level of accountability. At every stage of development, we provide professional QA service to ensure bug-free software. The development process starts with analyzing requirements and building a team of experienced developers, architects, and QA engineers.

    Progressive Web App Development

    A progressive web app (PWA) is an app that’s built using web platform technologies but provides a user experience like that of a platform-specific app. As a mobile application development services company, we have a lot of experience in tailored PWAs for clients that operate in many industries.

    Enterprise Mobile App Development

    Enterprise mobile app development services involve creating applications for businesses and organizations to enhance operational efficiency, streamline workflows, and engage with clients more effectively. In this rapidly evolving domain, Artelogic developers create standalone apps and those that interface with existing systems.

    They focus on critical features like security, scalability, and integration with existing enterprise software like ERP or CRM systems. It involves a unique set of challenges, such as managing various mobile platforms and devices and ensuring seamless user experience; it often employs agile development methodologies to facilitate adaptability.

    As these apps often handle sensitive data, robust security protocols are paramount. Overall, enterprise mobile app development is instrumental in digital transformation, enabling businesses to provide services anytime, anywhere, enhancing productivity, customer satisfaction, and, ultimately, revenue generation.

    Benefits of Custom Mobile Application Development

    Artelogic offers custom mobile application development services to enhance business operations and engagement. Let’s discover the reasons to choose Artelogic for your custom app needs:

    The expertise of Senior and Certified Professionals: We boast a team of seasoned developers, skilled business analysts, and experienced QA engineers. To develop custom mobile apps that precisely align with your business requirements, we build professional and versatile teams, ensuring high functionality and efficiency.

    Adherence to Deadlines and Budget: We understand the value of time and budget constraints in project execution and firmly commit to meeting deadlines and staying within the contracted budget. This is achievable due to a smooth development process and minimizes potential disruptions.

    Tailored Solutions to Unique Needs: Each business has its needs and goals, given the strategy and market context. We deeply dive into your business needs to tailor the most appropriate solution. As a mobile development agency, we collaborate closely with clients to capture their vision, refine ideas, and develop applications that reflect their branding, user interface preferences, and functionality demands.

    Integration and support: With our team’s expertise, we can create custom mobile apps and seamlessly integrate deliverables with your existing workflows, enhancing productivity and addressing specific challenges. Our engineers safely connect the app with third-party platforms or your legacy software. 

    Trusted App Development Partner: Artelogic deserved recognition as a highly regarded app development company, as evidenced by our standing on platforms like Clutch. Our track record and client reviews show our dedication to quality, innovation, and client satisfaction.

    Our Technology Stack

    Artelogic engineers use a wide technology stack to deliver custom mobile app development services and tailor personalized solutions for every client.

    React Native

    We are highly focused on constantly improving skills, and the certification process is a core of Artelogic’s Learning and development culture and is mandatory for employee promotion.

    Industries We Serve

    We can deliver the best solution for businesses in many industries since our business analysts and solution architects deeply understand technology trends and possess the technics to discover the essential features for specific applications or platforms. 

    Besides the technical expertise, our experts regularly update their knowledge of industrial trends and market context via online courses, leading business media subscriptions, and industrial events participation. We have proven and successful experience in delivering cutting-edge solutions for the following industries:


    In the mobile-first age, we assist online store owners to boost their business and attract more customers with modern applications.

    Logistics and transportation

    We can integrate all necessary services, platforms, and devices into mobile applications, allowing logistics companies to manage their vehicles’ routes, warehouses, and delivery effectively. 

    Booking systems

    Applications for booking systems radically streamline usability and allow users to manage their booking safely and in a few clicks. 

    Event management and entertainment

    We develop user-friendly mobile applications for the entertainment and event industries. The event management apps allow managers and end users to easily manage any event: online, offline, or hybrid formats. 

    Trading with smart contracts

    We build trading platforms with a focus on security and mobility. To integrate smart contracts technology, we can develop decentralized applications that would be highly protected and ensure all functional requirements.

    Companies that launched Mobile Apps with Artelogic

    Artelogic is a custom mobile application development company that successfully serves many businesses, like SMBs, startups, and enterprises. Our clients launched breakthrough products with top-notch solutions.

    Triathlon Ireland
    Booked it

    Triathlon Ireland

    Artelogic engineers modernized the sports website and developed a mobile app for better management of the membership and races planning.


    Artelogic’s team developed a web-based application for collecting the content for multiple Event-based projects (summits, conferences, congresses).

    Booked It

    Artelogic developed a platform for Booked It that enhanced the customer experience of nightclubs, entertainment centers & festivals goers.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Is Custom Mobile Application Development?

    Custom Mobile Application Development is a comprehensive service of research, design, and development of mobile applications for any business or individual. There is some peculiarity that makes development custom – and that is a focus on specific business needs and market context of every client.

    How to choose a mobile app development platform?

    Choosing the right platform for mobile app development is an important decision. Here are some factors to consider when making your choice:

    Target audience: The first thing to consider is the target audience for your app. iOS is popular in the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, and Western Europe, while Android dominates Central and South America, India, Africa, China, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and some other countries. You should go for the operating system that’s most popular in your key markets.

    Technical specifications: Apart from the geographical distribution of users, there are some technical details to pay attention to. When designing Android applications, designers generally follow Google’s Material Design Guidelines. For iOS, designers can refer to Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines.

    Monetization strategies: Your monetization strategy may also influence your choice of platform. For example, if you plan to monetize your app through in-app purchases or subscriptions, you may want to consider which platform’s users are more likely to spend money on such things.

    Cross-platform development: If you need to support multiple platforms, consider cross-platform development tools that allow you to write code once and deploy it to various platforms.

    Ultimately, the right choice of platform will depend on your specific needs and goals for your app. It’s important to consider all of these factors before deciding.

    Regarding the frameworks and technologies, Flutter, Ionic, and React Native are the most widely used and allow developers to create cross-platform applications that can function optimally on both iOS and Android devices. To make better decisions, getting free consultancy from Artelogic mobile app developers would be productive.

    Which mobile app is best: native, cross-platform, or hybrid?

    The choice between native, cross-platform, or hybrid mobile app development depends on several factors, such as the app’s purpose, budget, timeline, and target audience. 

    Native apps, as derived from their name, are ta for a specific platform, such as iOS or Android, and are written in the platform’s native language. They offer better performance and user experience but require more time and money to develop. 

    Developers use a single codebase for building Cross-platform apps that can be easily deployed on multiple platforms. They are faster to develop and cost less than native apps but may have performance issues. 

    Hybrid apps combine the features of native and cross-platform apps. They use web technologies such as HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript to create an app that can be deployed on multiple platforms. They offer faster development time and lower costs than native apps but may have performance issues.

    If you want your app’s best performance and user experience, you should choose native app development. But if your priorities are budget saving and development time, the cross-platform and hybrid apps could be the choice.

    How long does it take to make an app?

    The estimated time depends on many factors, like the specification, design, additional requirements (i.e., higher security), and integrations of third-party APIs. But there is one regularity – more detailed requirements significantly shorten the development time.

    A simple app with well-completed specifications could be developed even for one month, and vice versa; developing a high-loaded enterprise app with specific requirements could take at least a year to research, develop, and test. 

    To verify the development time, the best way is to contact the experienced Artelogic experts and get a free estimation!

    How do you choose a mobile app development company?

    Choosing a reliable vendor for mobile app development is crucial for any business. Here are some tips on how to assess the potential provider:

    – Analyze the vendor’s track record using the search and public information on trustworthy directories for professionals, like Clutch.
    – Investigate the company’s portfolio and clients’ reviews to acknowledge the professional experience and expertise.
    – Schedule the meeting with vendor experts and discover their technical skills, available developers, internal processes, and project management methodology.
    – Define the project management and communication style and align with the vendor regarding the meeting frequency, response time, and ticket management.

    You should establish professional and mutually trusted relationships with your mobile app development vendor to achieve the desirable results. On the other hand, the app’s performance and success also rely on the quality of work in the pre-development stages, like requirements gathering, performance metrics establishment, and specification.

    How much does mobile app development cost?

    The cost of developing a mobile app can vary greatly depending on many factors, including its complexity, features, and the platform it is being developed for. Additional elements should also be considered, like the app developers’ rates (given their seniority) and testing efforts. 

    The average cost of developing an app can range from US $25,000 to $250,000 or even more. A simple app development price tag can be around $16,000 – $30,000; a medium complexity app development price tag can be around $30,000 – $45,000; and a complex or enterprise app development budget can be $70,000+. However, it’s important to note that these are just estimates, and the actual cost of developing an app can vary depending on your specific needs and requirements.

    Why choose Artelogic mobile app development services?

    Artelogic, as a mobile app development company, has more than 11 years of experience in mobile app development and is proud of dozens of 5*stars clients’ reviews on Clutch and Goodfirms, respectively. Many of our clients came to us after the lousy outsourcing experience, and we were able to change their minds and make them happy about the smooth mobile app development. 

    Our engineers, business analysts, and project managers regularly improve their skills; certification is a mandatory requirement for promotion.

    We work in European and North American time zones and ensure transparent communication and price policy. Having access to the local IT community with thousands of savvy experts, we can quickly build dedicated teams for projects of any complexity.

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