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Frontend is the interface between a user and a software, known as a back-end. That means, frontend is something that a user directly faces when using your resource. That shows how important this part of product development is in the long term perspective. Your great design ideas have to be properly implemented, as they are intended. Considering also the huge number of different gadgets with different screen resolutions, for which your site should be optimized, the task becomes more complex and requires a qualified approach.

The website front end development is important for every app. Here are a few points, why it is so essential:

  • Your website should look attractive and be convenient and understandable in use;
  • The project should be built on the user-care principle so that users have to make minimum efforts to use its functionality;
  • Modern design and bright layouts are to engage users making them love your resource;
  • The product should be optimized for all the devices on which it will be used;
  • High performance and interaction speed are also important parts of front end website development.



Everything on the frontend is built with a mix of HTML, CSS, and client-side scripts like JavaScript. These are the core elements of front-end development.

HTML5 Web Development Company

Today, there is no website that does not do without the use of HTML5. It creates the basis for the site, its core structure, to which the further functionality is attached, and which plays a big role in the perception of the site by users and its search engines indexation. When developing a site layout, it is especially important to initially design it to be scalable, and able to look good on different device screens. Since today the world sees a huge variety of gadgets with an access to the Internet, front end web development task has become even more topical and complex. That is the reason why these services should be provided by a skilled team of front end developers such as Artelogic.

CSS3 Development Services

Do you agree that the attractiveness of the website is of a high value to the end user? The design of web pages affects the population of the resource directly, as well as its ease of use. Cascading style sheets (CSS) allow not only to make the site attractive and stylish externally but also to determine the degree of the website usability using legible fonts, colors, margins and paddings. To keep up with the competition in terms of modern design and web front end development, it is necessary not only to apply styles masterly but also skillfully apply new tools, responsive design concepts and methods. There is the area of our expertise and constant professional growth.

JavaScript Web Development

Perhaps, this technology that constitutes the most important part of the modern front end application development. Who now can be surprised with a static website? Javascript allows you to add interactivity and dynamics to your project. In addition to the aesthetic function, website animation plays an important role in organizing the work with the content and its display on the page. Users will appreciate the convenience of using graphic animations, and they will also be able to perform the necessary operations on the site. Javascript is a very common and multifunctional language which can help you to implement any of your ideas, integrate social networking widgets and other third-party services into the work of your site. And, to implement your ideas you need a team of javascript developers, who knows their business and masters a wide range of tools for high-quality front end software development.



Artelogic team always strive to make your sites bright, memorable, yet effective. To make use of our front end development services, one should consider the steps given below:

  • You make a quote to Artelogic and present your idea;
  • We consider it from different points of view;
  • We came back with the best solution for your particular case;
  • The requirements and specifications are listed;
  • Our team writes HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript code of your website;
  • The quality assurance is provided during all the development process;
  • The project is released, and people love your website.

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WHY Front End?


The modern technologies used in state-of-the-art frontend practices bring a significant value to startups. When delivered by Artelogic, they have such groundbreaking benefits as:

  • Your website performance add benefits to its search results. With improved search engine optimization your website will always be on top of search results that will greatly increase the popularity of the product and its accessibility.
  • Speed and performance as the key to success. The basis of any product is the quality of its implementation. Be sure that with the team of professionals from Artelogic your project will be implemented at the highest level.
  • Functional and aesthetic brilliance. A clever combination of functionality, convenience, and impressive design will not leave your audience indifferent. The design of each project is developed individually and corresponds to the strategy of promoting the product in the best way.

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