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Tural Mamedov, Co-founder of Artelogic, in Interview to GoodFirms

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Artelogic is a software development company incorporated in 2012 and based in Lviv, Ukraine. The company shapes opportunities and create solutions by solving challenges & maintaining client relationships. The main focus area of Artelogic is web development based on .NET and LAMP(PHP) stacks, project management, and quality assurance.

At Artelogic, the professionals cater to the clients of different verticals like – ISVs & Technology, Transportation & Logistics, Manufacturing, Banking & Financial Services, Travel & Hospitality, and Business Information & Media. Recently, GoodFirms received an opportunity to schedule an interview with the CEO of Artelogic, Mr. Tural Mamedov. During the meeting, CEO of Artelogic unveiled the insights of the company, along with the idea behind the inception of Artelogic.

Tural Mamedov proudly mentions that since the inception of the company, it has delivered more than 100 projects that eventually converted into successful businesses across the world. When asked about the idea behind the establishment, the CEO of Artelogic says, “The main purpose of starting a software development company was to introduce a different approach to the industry with a human-oriented tech company that would make the relationship with the clients and their business priorities as one of the main pillars. We desired to build a company that would handle clients’ challenges and goals, not like a project but as an opportunity to give real solutions to real people.”

Coming to the services rendered by the professionals at Artelogic to the clients in different geographies, Mr. Tural asserts that “Artelogic is an in-house-based business consisting of 50 professionals on board and with the majority of our engineers possess credible certifications. This approach helps us to build up excellent professional expertise as well as produce high-quality results.” Artelogic delivers solution-oriented projects, helping the clients’ to convert a vision into profitable software in an effortless way. The professionals at Artelogic always try to understand the requirements of the client’s business in order to provide them with the ideal project management services. The software project outsourcing consultants do a review and start working on it to give the clients a price-wise solution to meet their expectations. Thus, armed with the team of such professional developers Artelogic embellishes amongst the top software development companies in Ukraine at GoodFirms.

The below-stated scorecard obtained at GoodFirms proves the capabilities of the developers at Artelogic.

Talking about maintaining the quality of the software at Artelogic, Tural says that “our quality assurance team helps the clients to find all possible defects and weaknesses in their software before it goes out to the world.” At Artelogic, the professionals offer testing and quality assurance services as a stand-alone solution, adhering to the most eminent QA standards. The expert team of QA work according to the flexible principles and efficiently cooperate with other application development divisions. Thus, by providing bug-free software solutions, the proficient team of QA facilitates Artelogic to thrive amongst top software testing companies in Lviv at GoodFirms.

Having read the introductory article about Artelogic and its services, one can also have a glimpse of the detailed article to know more about its maintenance services, cost deciding parameters, and a few other things.

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