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Top 7 Web Resources built using .NET

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If it goes to building web applications, .NET development has become a competent and reliable approach. Today, it is difficult to find a better toolset for building powerful and feature-packed Windows apps than .NET. As a matter of fact, web apps, desktop, and mobile apps, gaming and IoT solutions, and .Net stack cover them all.

That is why there is no wonder why we can find a number of corporations, that by using .NET technology have turned their software products into well-established businesses.  But what about .NET for startup development? Are there any successful startups built using the NET framework? Let’s try to find startups that have been developed by means of this technology.


But before we jump into today’s post, let’s resume the major .NET startup pros and cons.

The Pros:

  • Scalability. Scaling your startup project is really easy with .NET. Plus, the whole process of scaling is believed to be more efficient than that with Ruby, for example. In fact, if you expect your product to scale pretty fast, .NET is your best way to go.
  • Ease of use, advanced functionality, and security. ASP.NET MVC ensures safe development and makes it easier to spot mistakes and solve common problems without hassle.
  • Huge choice and space for creation. You can use multiple languages, different editors, and many libraries if you develop with .Net. As a result, many different types of applications can be built using .Net technologies.
  • One consistent API. A base set of APIs – .NET Standard is common to all .NET implementations. By the way, adopting other APIs specific to the operating systems it runs on is also possible.
  • Entity Framework. It drops the need for most data-access code developers must write regularly.
  • The possibility to benefit from Microsoft’s developers’ tools and startup programs. You can take advantage of Bizspark program, which lets you launch your business without worrying about license fees and the likes for your first years. Visual Studio Team Services allows you to have up to 5 free members.

The Cons:

  • No open standards. The lack of open standards significantly slows down the whole software development process.
  • Costly licensing and no open-source resources. You need to pay for the licenses to develop with this technology.
  • Platform lock-in. The developers of.Net make you too dependent on their platform.

It is of vital importance to stress that despite the mentioned above disadvantages, there are still technology companies that have chosen .NET for their startup development as they feel truly comfortable with this and other Microsoft technologies.

For example, Artelogic’s team developed an innovative multi-factor authentication platform for the startup that uses the power of 3D Facial authentification and machine learning to track down fraudulent behavior.

Still, it goes without saying that today you can hardly find anything written in one pure programming language as only in combination with the latest technologies can you stay competitive.

So, the famous technology companies the solutions of which were built using .NET are as follows: 

  • Microsoft. Without a shadow of a doubt, the world-famous company has used its best technologies and developer tools for building its website. Everything is clear and consistent there; the site is responsive and it runs smoothly and straightforwardly.
  • Outlook. Similar to its predecessor, Outlook is also the creation of Microsoft Corporation, so we may count on best in-build technologies usage. This email app is powerful, feature-packed and secure.
  • StackOverflow. One of the best Q&A platforms for computer-related specialists who are trying to solve technical problems. Everything began with just a blog, but today, it has fast turned into a huge business. It’s for sure that it’s a truly useful learning platform for any software engineer, where one can pick up lots of handy tips and hints, and find the best suiting solution for the compiled code, python ruby and any other case. NET developers, Android app developers, and any other software engineer will find something handy to read or argue about. The service allows you to read what others think about any particular technology, comment, and find the right solution for your case. Still, the novel user can find it tough to get started as the newcomer is expected to gain a reputation to become a full-right member of the developers’ community.
  • GoDaddy. A US-based, industry-leading, online domain registrar and hosting company, which runs a cloud platform dedicated to small, independent ventures. Today, the company boasts more than 17 million customers along with 6,000+ employees around the globe. There’s also a wide internet community where you can both stay updated with the latest news and pick up some latest technology-related useful ideas. This solution is robust, intuitive, and secure at the same time.
  • Dell. A well-known portal of the famous PC provider. But we have to admit that these days, Dell has become more than just a PC manufacturer. Indeed, if we take a closer look at its site, we will see that the company boasts dozens of software solutions, including cloud computing. The site, which is written by means of .NET framework, comes with a variety of features. Don’t believe us? Come and check!
  • Xero. One of the leading accounting software solutions to manage your business on the go. The company’s software solutions are tailored to small and medium-sized businesses. The product is powerful, consistent, and reliable.
  • W3schools.com. A popular open-source programming platform, which hosts thousands of code examples. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, SQL server and other common programmer issues, W3schools.com covers them all. Use it to learn, test and implement cool things in a simple and most efficient way. Avoid errors and code in a smart way,  Actually, many IT related people consider it to be one of the best web services to gain IT expertise.

To sum up, the solutions of all of the listed above companies using feature-rich and thoroughly battle-tested .NET technology,  have become a success, but we have to admit that they also used to be startups once. Thus, it can be said without exaggeration, the NET framework can become the right platform for a startup venture. By the way, if you want to build a product using .NET MVC, Artelogic is a great IT partner. Our engineering team has extensive expertise in NET application development and is always at your disposal.

P.S. Of course, there are dozens of others famous companies which use Microsoft technologies, in particular, .NET as it comes with a variety of options and leaves space for further development.  These are only a small part of them. Can you name any other .NET-powered product that is well worth mentioning here? Please share your thoughts below!