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What founders need to know about the software development for their startup

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In 2022, there is a more competitive drive to render high-quality software development for startups. The fact is that high-quality software development has become crucial as investors thoroughly estimate the tech aspect of an asset.

Mostly, satisfying customers’ needs is integral to ensuring the success of a startup. But without proper planning of the tech and engineering aspects of a startup, founders directly or indirectly end up making blind development. For instance, it is vital to understand that your server has a capacity for processing a high number of queries of users.

Software development for startups

The same rules apply when you request to add new functionality despite having an optimized architecture for your application. In layman’s terms, founders cannot predict every single aspect of their startup development. However, founders can analyze how the technological core of their startup can resolve potential usage scenarios.

Assure the Engineering Expertise

Since entrepreneurs found most startups, there is little to no tech background or expertise to ensure long-term success. Of course, the last thing startup founders should do is abandon their idea due to a lack of engineering skills.

But there should be more awareness of engineering limitations so that you can develop a strategy to fill gaps. If you can involve the savvy CTO as a co-founder – do it! But if not, the most cost-effective, efficient, and practical choice would be to seek the expertise of a professional software development company.

You may not realize it in the early stages, but outsourcing is the most reasonable approach to get a professional consultancy and hand over different engineering aspects of your startup. In any case, assure technical expertise to avoid potential failures across different stages of your startup’s software development. 

Once you outsource, you can increase your IT infrastructure’s resilience and render high user satisfaction. This, in turn, will garner more attention from investors and give you continuous positive feedback. And if you’re worried about how to hire developers for your startup, then understand that the process is more straightforward than most founders realize.

Implement Seamless Data Management

As a startup founder, you should find out the reasons and benefits to implement proper data management in the early stages. Like before, figure out “where” and “how” it would be better to store startup data. Remember that data-driven growth requires transparent and reliable data management to make calculated and logical decisions. You should also build dedicated software architecture to make the most out of data services like data collection, data reports, dashboards, etc.

UI/UX design matters

Startup founders should learn about the value of UX and design and how it increases user satisfaction and ties together with proper back-end interactions.

Now, it does not mean that founders should build complicated interfaces. Instead, make sure MVP is user-friendly and responsive. Moreover, let the application’s design be simple but consistent and easy to use.

Also, make sure the app design is not convoluted by performing tests of several iterations. In the quest to get the best UI/UX services, you can opt for Artelogic to carry the burden of implementing sophisticated UI and UX design. 

Software Architecture and Programming Languages

Even if the startup utilizes open-software software or low-code solutions, it still needs proper software architecture to adjust and optimize business models as per specific technological capabilities. The startups used to fail not only because of a weak business model but also because of poor software architecture that become a bottleneck for new feature implementation.

Predominantly, the focal dilemmatic point for founders comes down to MVP in software development for startups. It’s all about whether or not to apply complex tech innovations in the early stages of the startup or utilize MVP development that is free and open-source solutions.

Right from start, it is crucial to involve a competent CTO or outsource your tech development strategy to a software development company like Artelogic. And contrary to misguided perception, outsourcing is not expensive, time-consuming, and does not put more stress on startup founders.

What’s interesting is that startup founders can always reconfigure their outsourced tech development services over time. But for the sake of rapid growth, make sure to seek out a reliable technological partner (e.g. co-founder) that can provide continuous support and cater to your specific needs. 

Through a reliable tech partner, you should be able to get architecture support to meet different future scenarios. Your outsourced partner will help you step up your development efforts including programming language and frameworks. 

Customers’ Support and Ticket Processing

Startup founders should focus on specific considerations to choose the best customer support services and integrate them. And when it comes to customer support and ticket processing, make sure to implement the changes through design.

Ticket processing is an effective way to increase interactions across support teams and customers. In case customers face an issue, they can use a support ticket for service and interactive representation. It is a response mechanism that allows you to identify and resolve the issue in an instant. 

In the start, you can use simple solutions like email or messages. However, the number of customer requests can spiral out of control over time. So, it is better to use a specialized solution to ensure seamless ticket processing. That is why you need the proper software architecture from start.

Data Protection & Security

Although it depends on the data and service type, startups are not immune to regulations. This makes all the more reason for founders to build the service in compliance with the regulations. Mostly, the terms data protection and data security are used interchangeably. The major components of data security include firewalls, encryption, and AAA (authentication, authorization, and accounting). 

The good news is that there are now many techniques to improve the data protection and security efforts of startups. You can investigate how Artelogic’s engineers found the solution to preventing data leaks for the private trading platform. On top of technical measures, understand that achieving robust data protection and security involves taking administrative measures that include privacy policies and terms and conditions.

Quality Assurance & Testing

On the surface, it is natural for startup founders to opt for rapid growth by developing a diverse product portfolio and attracting more customers. On the flip side, it is important to maintain a high quality of code to cut out common mistakes and inappropriate code from the equation. 

Sometimes founders being in an enterprise’s rush strive to move faster with application releases, ignoring minor (as they suppose) bugs. It is not a relevant approach given the potentially negative customers’ experience or even crash of the application. So, dedicate some resources and time and secure your application by QA testing.

Final Thoughts

A talented and competent CTO for a startup is more than capable to align third-party solutions and modules to ensure logical decision-making. But most of these tasks are outsourced to a professional software development company. Ideally, more and more startups have started to opt for a full-cycle software development agency with extensive software development experience.

In the end, learning more about the engineering aspects of a startup comes down to reducing the potential risk of failures. And “how” you avoid the most common mistakes plays an important role in the growth of your startup. As a founder, the key is to understand your engineering and tech limitations. 

When it comes to the engineering and technical aspects of a startup, it is paramount for founders to have a vision. From human capital to software to hardware, you have to learn to optimize a wide range of tools within a dedicated budget. 

At the same time, startup founders should work with the most innovative and build a diverse workforce that can handle diverse clientele. Once you focus on the right tools, you won’t have to endlessly worry about poor production quality that can impact operations.