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Projection by Artelogic

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Projection is an estimation tool being developed by Artelogic that aims to simplify and radically improve an accuracy of projects estimates by integration of easy to follow estimation techniques within an organization. Projection’s primary goal is to bring transparency to the estimation process and enable organizations to track their past estimates and continuously improve over time. The prototype of Projection is to be publically presented at RISE, Hong Kong.

The main idea of Projection is to simplify the process of estimation and in a few steps demonstrate realistic expectations in terms of time and budget investments that a project requires. In addition to this, Projection’s analytical metrics are to allow leveraging insights from organization’s previous projects and forecast new ones with higher confidence. Organizations historical estimates and projections are being stored in the one place, enabling easy access to analytical data whenever needed so that every new project endeavour can quickly benefit from past projects.

The Projection also targets to ease collaboration with other team members during estimation, allowing project managers to involve teammates, like software and quality assurance engineers, to the process and be sure their contribution is relevant. But streamlining an estimation process is not the only goal of Projection but also to help sales managers better collaborate with development teams and in one click convert their technical estimates into ready-to-send commercial proposals. Once the project is approved, Projection can also take care of routine operations, such as transferring high-level tasks and requirements to a task tracking system of choice, populating all the estimates and then tracking the progress.

We promote business transparency at each level of technological partnership. It’s a part of our business philosophy to continuously improve our operations by leveraging the power of simplicity. Estimation is, essentially, the most decisive stage of a project that is often to decide its chances to succeed and, unfortunately, very few organizations can claim to have at least barely standardized approaches of projects’ evaluation leading to a phenomenal amount of failures. Our primary mission with Projection is to radically change such state of things in software development industry”, said Tural Mamedov, Co-Founder and CEO of Artelogic.