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How to build a trucking app like Uber Freight?

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Being the lifeblood of the worldwide commerce and economy, truck logistics management software definitely deserves a special mention in the world of software app development. Indeed, there are numerous logistics management tools for Uber-like apps for trucks to enrich your product with. Let’s find out more about innovative transportation management systems logistics apps that are created to connect shippers and customers, offering cost-effective capabilities.


People dealing with modern logistics businesses demand a complete control, bank-level security and an array of specific industry-driven features to plan, control and execute a product’s flow. Therefore, any logistics and supply chain business software solution should offer robust supply chain management system, which can grow at a rapid speed. But, at the same time, the logistics management software should be consistent, lightweight, responsive, and easy to use. But how to combine them all in one single app? Simply put, that is the main issue logistics app development vendors have to deal with.

Below, we have hand-picked the must-have options to implement into a good on-demand delivery logistics app, which can offer you the ultimate access to all business aspects. This list will be useful both for the business owners looking for a company to outsource their logistics software and for a product development vendor dealing with the transportation industry.

So, let’s get started.  




By embracing cutting-edge technologies and offering new services to keep up with their customers, a good Uber-like app (similar to the way Uber connects taxi drivers with passengers, or Uber Freight matches carrier with shippers), should bridge the gap between shippers and truckers, therefore, eliminate the need for a middleman. That’s the main idea of an Uber-like app for the transportation industry. However, in the long run, that is far more than this since the logistics business management systems solution any shipping company would want to install should be intuitive, responsive, feature-packed yet not too-overpacked.

Meanwhile, here are the key features to implement in your logistic management system app:

  • A product/customer centered core. The key feature is definitely that a good logistics industry management software should be both product and users tailored. The app should take into account the concept of the on-demand service of matching the driver to the customer. For instance, if the company stores or transports perishable and fragile commodities, a customer needs an ability to indicate what temperature, humidity or pressure are needed for his cargo and to ensure that these requirements are supported.
  • All-in-one app for truck logistics management software. The trucking industry app should greatly combine options for shippers and drivers and a powerful dashboard for admins.
  • A robust and scalable management system. To achieve success, the software solution for the logistics industry should be robust and scalable at the same time, being able to instantly adjust and adapt business models. In other words, it should be able to grow as the network of available carriers and customers grow and what’s more, it should do this without any bugs or problems on its way. So, make sure that the next logistics software solution comes with the ability to receive and fulfill as many shipment orders as you want without any glitches.
  • Real-time tracking capabilities. Modern software solutions in the logistics industry should offer real-time capabilities, including real-time inventory control and visibility, so that both the customers and the administrators can see everything in real time, without any delays. Time is money, keep this in mind.
  • Push Notifications. It’s become the norm to notify the users about some changes or news via not only emails, but via the logistics industry app’s in-built push notifications.
  • A wide choice of payment options + advanced financial management capabilities.  A powerful logistics app should come with multiple payment gateways, being suitable for different customers.  Meanwhile, make sure to add the comprehensive financial management capabilities, which you will need to grow a changing, complex business.
  • Data security. Your customers have to rely on you; therefore, a good service must encrypt all the data it uses and gets. So, it should definitely come with numerous data security-related options integrated into your management system, not to mention several factor authentication, data encryption, privileged data sharing, account theft prevention into your product.
  • Ease of use. Not all of your customers are that technology-savvy, so the software for logistics management should be intuitive, easy to use and to navigate.
  • Interactive mapping. It’s possible to integrate Google Maps, Bing Maps and Yandex maps, as well as OpenStreet Map.
  • Predictive analytics. Predictive analytics, when carefully designed and implemented can seriously help your business. It allows you to Identify all future outcomes based on the gathered data and offer the best results for your customers, based on their needs, preferences, mood or even the time of the day. Moreover, you will be able to recognize performance issues before they cause any problems.
  • Compatibility and crossbrowserness. The cutting-edge logistics software should be running equally well on major browsers and devices.
  • Seamless integration with third-party services. Since no software is perfect and complete, seamless integration with reliable third-party services lets you stay above your competitors.
  • Advanced report capabilities. Adding powerful reporting capabilities to your logistics management solution will help you gain the most accurate insight on each part of your procurement process.
  • Cloud-based structure. Storing all data offline is so 20-century, consider transforming all data to the cloud.
  • Business processes automation. Business processes automation, including automated vendor-managed inventory management, becomes critical as it saves lots of time and money for all parts involved.

Needless to add, all of the listed above features are really essential part of any modern robust logistics-centered tracking software app. But they can bring even more value in perfect cooperation. For instance, by means of advanced analytics, you can determine the best time to ship your cargo to avoid leaving trailers unattended and you can save lots of time, both your’s and customers’ by automating all of your business processes. Makes sense, right?

Definitely, there might be lots of other capabilities your ultimate dispatch software should include. And if you do want to take your projects from average to amazing, enrich them with a robust logistic management software solution.

By the way, Artelogic can help you with that. We’ve completed a number of modern transportation logistics management apps. Have a look at our case studies for more info.

Key Takeaways

A good logistics software solution can seriously enrich your business, making both you and your customers happy. Not only that it helps to manage the product’s flow and lower expenses by means of embedded advanced analytics, but it helps you find other ways to grow, eliminating possible risks and pitfalls. Plus, when it comes to your customers, it helps them take advantage of novel functionality while feeling themselves special. So, to succeed in the long run, make sure to invest in a custom logistics management software, which includes the listed above options. Use this list as a reference not to miss any of important features.

Looking ahead, why not hire a team of sharp, entrepreneurial individuals who can deliver software solutions capable to redefine the movement of goods around the world? Artelogic has solid experience in custom trucking software development. We’ve created some really successful projects and are ready to provide custom Uber for trucking app development solutions for you. So, don’t waste a single minute of your business, claim your feature-packed truck dispatch software solution right away!