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Clutch Releases 2019 Report Featuring Artelogic as Top Developer

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Artelogic is a full-scale web and software development firm with 8 years of experience, presence in 2 continents & representation in Silicon Valley, Singapore, & headquarter in Ukraine. Our primary goal is to use human relations and information technology to shape your business into its quintessential form. We utilize commercial grade software to not only solve challenges but create opportunities for your business. In an age of meticulous software development that requires a complex understanding of expectations and latent needs, our team gets straight to the point to help deliver software solutions in time, on budget, and in accordance with stakeholders’ expectations.

Artelogic values nothing more than the uncompromised satisfaction of our clients and we have demonstrated our competence in the field of software development over the years, being recognized by reliable ranking websites such as “Top App Development Companies” and “Clutch.”

This year, we are excited to share that we have been recognized by Clutch in their 2019 leader awards as one of the top .NET developers on their platform.

Clutch is a leading research firm that provides verified ratings and reviews for vendors in dozens of industries, aiming at helping businesses form more beneficial partnerships with each other. If you look closely at clutch’s leader’s matrix, a tool offering a broad view of the top-performing companies in a particular industry or location, you can see that Artelogic has specifically been ranked the 9th .NET developer.

This is a commendable feat, as the Clutch team uses complex analytics and objective data to rank a company. This is also impressive considering that we were competing with 991 contending firms for a position in the top 15 in order to be featured on the leader’s matrix. The leader’s matrix is based off of a company’s ability to deliver and industry focus. Ability to Deliver includes the company’s client reviews, past work, market presence, and prestigious awards. Focus is a company’s level of specialization in a given service. Take a look at a snapshot of our companies’ placement in the “Market Leaders” category of the leader matrix below!

Of all the factors that Clutch considers when evaluating a firm’s ability to deliver, the verified client reviews are the most important. Thanks to our satisfied customers, we have a whopping 21 reviews on our profile with a perfect five-star rating. The uniquely styled questionnaire that Clutch has developed has prompted our clients to share informative, holistic feedback like the following:

“Artelogic’s overall efficiency created high value for cost. The team’s outsourcing implementations were timely, and their technical skills were both impressive and reliable. Clear communication and supportive service made the partnership a smooth experience.” – CEO, Digital Solutions Company

This type of feedback helps our team identify what our clients appreciate most about our work, or in other words, what practices we should continue in our daily processes; and what behavior needs improvement. Our reviews have been very positive so far; however, we are excited to see what our clients will share with us in the future and are eager to improve our methodologies.

We have also been on Clutch’s sister-site, The Manifest, in their 2019 ranking of the 50 top .NET developers. The Manifest helps firms of all shapes and sizes identify and address their industry challenges by providing curated advice and tutorials for a wide array of processes and practices.

In addition, due to our flawless portfolio work, we have been fortunate enough to receive recognition on Clutch’s other sister-site, Visual Objects. Visual Objects is a platform for branding agencies, developers, and other creatives to showcase their work in order to give potential clients an opportunity to see first-hand what a finished product will look like and its quality. We are excited to announce that visual objects has listed Artelogic as one of their 2019 leading web developers.

Our team extremely proud of our continued efforts and everything we have accomplished so far. We not only take pride in satisfying the needs of others, but we also elicit great joy and fulfillment from our work. As one of our top developers says, “Never fall in love with your product or a company, remember that your users and clients should always be your true love”. Our company lives by this motto and we are truly grateful for and love all of the people who have helped us along the way. From our clients to the members of our team, everyone has had a vital part to play in our success and we eagerly await new challenges!