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Best Resources For Laravel Developers 2017

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Being one of the most popular PHP systems since early 2015, Laravel framework becomes a must-have for both a full-time or a remote PHP developer and also for software engineers at Artelogic. Sometimes, it even becomes a technology of choice, conquering Symfony, CodeIgniter, and Yii2, or being at least at the same competitor level. This post reveals the best sites to stay updated with everything happening to Laravel, not to mention the latest advancements in technology.

But before we jump into today’s post, we’d like to stress that despite the fact that there are a lot of sources out there to help you, we have divided them into two main groups: for beginners and experts. So, if you feel like earning the decent laravel developer salary, take a look at the suitable group and make sure you know those resources. 

Best resources for a junior laravel developer

This group covers the laravel 5 tutorial information target at intern and junior level laravel developers as well as at everyone who googles the laravel developer meaning. Typically, the links provided here offer you some basic information on this PHP framework, its features and help you get started. Still, some prior experience with PHP is required.

The official Laravel site is the first site to visit. Here, you can find out everything you need to know before you create a laravel project. System requirements, basic installation and configuration tips, it covers everything.

The Linkedin’s Laravel group is well worth checking out. Currently, there are 2,000+ people there with 150 novel discussions taking place every month. You can easily search for or check the already available helpful and intellectual discussions regarding your queries. So, it’s a great medium for learning and picking up practical tips.

The Laravel Community on Reddit covers all the fundamentals like installation and database setup through examples.

The Laravel blog tutorial will teach you not only Laravel essentials, but also how to add business value.

Best resources for Middle/Senior Level Laravel Developers

The second group will be appealing for those who are already aware of how to install laravel windows and want something more exotic.

Laravel.IO aimed squarely at the developer community, makes a smart way to go to stay updated with the latest framework happenings. It covers the latest resources, news, secret hints regarding the Laravel PHP framework.

Laracon.us this year deserves an honorable mention. The 2017 seminar will arm you with the latest technical knowledge. It would be appealing not only to a senior Laravel developer from the USA, but to any other technical expert worldwide as well.

Laracasts.com will help you remain competitive in the Laravel development niche.

Github laravel sounds all too familiar. Indeed, here you can find anything already existing about this smart PHP framework.

Anyway, if the laravel link to a route is not just words for you, it’s wise to keep these key links in mind. But please don’t limit yourself to the world of today’s Laravel resources, always look for the novel sites to sharpen your skills.

Know other sites which can get real-time updates on laravel htaccess and the stuff like that delivered to you? Thank you for sharing below.