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ASP.NET or Java For Web Applications Development

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ASP.NET and Java are often compared as they both work well for the enterprise application development. Aimed at building A-quality enterprise apps, these two technologies both have pros and cons, and thus, supporters and opposers. This article will help you choose the most suitable technology depending on the complexity of the applications required.

But before we jump into today’s post, we should mention the following: if it seems odd for you to compare ASP.NET with Java, don’t get annoyed – we know that C# programming language is a direct comparison with Java. ASP.NET is directly compared with Java Server Pages (JSP).

Microsoft .NET and Java Similarities

To tell you the truth, there are a number of similarities between these two technologies, the main ones are listed below:

  • They are used for enterprise level development, offering security and functionality needed.
  • They both simplify the app development by offering an array of standardized, modular components and services.
  • Both of them allow developing and integrating web services, so they become more extensible and interoperable.

ASP.NET or Java: What to Choose?

You wouldn’t go wrong picking either of these two computing technologies. Still, when thinking about which technology to choose, consider the key benefits each of them brings.

Develop with Java because:

  • Java perfectly runs on different computers, devices and consumer gadgets whilst ASP.NET is mainly targeted for the Windows operating system.
  • Java is ideal for complex solutions requiring huge volumes of users. In today’s custom software application development, Java is a programming language of choice for complex applications, in particular banking solutions, as it allows to secure their data at the highest level and guarantee consistent, smooth and secure access to thousands and thousands of users at the same time. A good example here is Amazon.
  • Java lets you use additional frameworks, giving almost endless development opportunities.

Whilst Java is the primary programming language for huge sized enterprise solutions, still, there are a few reasons why NET development gets the crown in the famous. Net vs Java battle when it comes to medium sized applications. They are:

  • Deploying any ASP .Net web application is easier and faster than a similar Java app using your IDE of choice.
  • Developed by Microsoft and integrated into the Windows operating system, NET framework does not involve any third-party vendors, maintaining top quality.
  • There’s one standard integrated development environment for any Microsoft .NET product –  Microsoft Visual Studio, Java doesn’t feature one standard tool.
  • ASP .Net apps are scalable.
  • Finally, Microsoft tools have an edge over Java for creating apps featuring rich graphical user interfaces.

With that being said, ASP .Net becomes a great solution if you are developing a middle-sized product for Windows, otherwise, develop with Java. Anyway, as it was already mentioned, both ASP .Net and Java will do your job just fine, so you wouldn’t go wrong picking either of those.