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Exclusivity With Simplicity: Where Is The Problem?

Our software engineers like Laravel for the performance, features, and scalability it offers. In which way this reflects and correlates with the business needs we face each time when start new project? If you take an interest in Laravel framework, this is a sign that you have grown of the rapidly created CMS websites, which have the alike functionality, design and very limited possibility of expansion. Perhaps your business needs can not be embedded in the ordinary CMS and your clients dictate new expectations, among which are exclusivity, functionality and safety. The Laravel development best practices demonstrate that this multifunctional and well-documented framework can deliver easy development for engineers and enables building brand-new websites with ease, no matter how tricky their design is.



Artelogic is a team of dedicated professionals providing php and Laravel web development services. Our working experience arises no doubt. The solutions we provide to our clients is always well-organized and detail-oriented. Here is more about our services.

Custom Laravel Application Development

The greatest advantage of Laravel is an ability to implement almost every possible functionality one may need to have. Laravel development production is flexible and powerful when provided with great expertise.

3rd Party Software Customization

As many solutions are already built in php, one may need customization of the ready solutions. Our team works well with 3rd party code, pays great attention to details and customizes all Laravel development services to match your needs perfectly.

Maintenance and Support Services

Unlike some other Laravel development firms, we provide our clients with high-profile support and maintenance services to ensure the quality of the product during its exploitation. Thus, we ensure the product provided by our development team is flawless and ready for intense use.

QA and Testing Services for Laravel Application

Websites built in Laravel is easy for maintenance and testing, at least, for Artelogic team. That is why we run the full Laravel development lifecycle, including seamless testing and quality assurance. Laravel framework is an excellent tool for building and testing safe applications due to its pre-defined dedicated features and well-organized code structure.



We make every effort to ensure that the services of our company perfectly meet the needs of the client. Usually we work in that way:

  • You send a request for .NET development services.
  • Depending on the project an engagement model that fits your needs the best is selected. Possible options include: extended team delivery, managed team delivery, fixed project, or managed services.
  • Our team analyses your business goals and estimates the project to provide the most cost efficient and dedicated solution.
  • The work is done according to the initial plan and engagement model.
  • You become a full-fledged solution that meets all your business needs and expectations.

Our Laravel Website Development Company consists of specialists who are most eager to be useful to their clients. We continuously study the most effective technologies and frameworks and always make an in-depth study of customer needs to provide perfect solutions. That's why we love to work with the Laravel framework, which allows us to implement solutions as flexibly as possible.

The level of our Laravel consulting services and development is proved by numerous success stories of our customers.

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WHY Laravel?


Laravel is a free php general-purpose framework (open source), which was born relatively recently, in 2011. However, thanks to the rapid development and huge army of fans, today it is one of the most popular php engines. The creators of Laravel called it "framework for artisans" hinting that this platform gives developers complete freedom of creativity, without any obstacles in the development process. That is why Laravel web developer jobs are so demanded on the market.

Excellent Laravel Development Pricing

There are many various php frameworks on the market, each having its own pros and cons. However, only Laravel represents the best essence of functionality and pricing. Laravel development costs are price-wise compared to the analogous web development frameworks, which makes it the best option for business.

This framework has many useful technical features, the essence of which is that the development process becomes more flexible, understandable and simple. This and the reasonable Laravel development pricing makes it especially attractive for business development. Its most famous peculiarities include:

  • Informative documentation (more developer prefer using it, that means high competitiveness and fair pricing)
  • MVS code structure (provides the simplicity of code navigation, which allows customizing, testing and improving less time consuming and thus cheaper)
  • Laravel Mix package (especially useful for Laravel front end development, helps to create a unique design)
  • Eloquent ORM (for easy work with databases, improves the speed of the development and the website performance)
  • Cron (native task manager), caching, authentication and bootstrap/jquery out of the box (the automatization ratchets up the development process)
  • Pre-installed code debugging and testing tools (increases the quality and competitive ability of the product)
  • And also many other predefined functions + the possibility of the custom feature extension.

For us, it is obvious that Laravel is one of the best option available on the market by far. Take an advantage of Laravel development with Artelogic - an outstanding Laravel CMS Development Company.

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