Sports app development for Triathlon association

Artelogic engineers modernized sport website and developed mobile app for better management the membership and races planning


.NET Front-End Hire PHP Developer


Triathlon Ireland, the national governing body for the sport of Triathlon, Duathlon, and Aquathlon in Ireland

End Users

Sport Managers and Athletes

Project overview

The Triathlon Ireland website serves as the official online platform for Triathlon Ireland, the national governing body for triathlon, duathlon, aquathlon, and related multisport disciplines in Ireland. Some of the key functionalities and purposes of the Triathlon Ireland website include the following:

Event Information: The website is a central hub for information on upcoming triathlon events, including race calendars, event details, registration processes, and results.

Membership Management: Athletes can access the website to become members of Triathlon Ireland, renew their memberships, and manage their membership profiles.

Coaching and Training Resources: The website offers resources, training programs, and guidance for athletes and coaches to improve their triathlon performance and skills.

News and Updates: The website provides news articles, updates, and announcements related to the triathlon community in Ireland. Admin part: The website manages registrations, entries, and payments reports.

The client’s system was outdated and had low performance due to obsolete technology. The objective was to upgrade the system to modern technology, boosting its performance, making it easier to maintain, and aligning it with current industry standards.

Artelogic, as a sports app development company, is committed to delivering several key elements:

  • A stable working web platform that can manage an increasing number of users each year;
  • Well-performing payment system;
  • Updated design and new mobile app that can replace the existing one.


One of the most significant obstacles to our sports app development was an outdated system with poor functioning capabilities. Our efforts focused on optimizing and enhancing this legacy system to meet our current needs and achieve better performance outcomes.

This project’s primary challenge is optimizing main API points and database calls to enhance performance, ensure code maintainability, implement better error handling, and adapt to evolving business needs.

Also, our engineers faced other challenges, such as transferring hosting to the client’s AWS, enhancing the site’s UX/UI, and transitioning to WordPress CMS. To address the “mobile-first” challenges, Triathlon Ireland managers decided to develop a mobile app that complements the website’s capabilities.


Thanks to Artelogic's help, there has been a net gain in available staff hours as a result of improved website abilities that reduced workload.


Transition to WordPress

Managing website content and improving performance has been made easier with the implementation of WordPress CMS.

AWS cloud hosting

Relocating hosting to AWS owned by the client rumped up the security and scalability.

Payment system

The payment module, coupled with the financial reporting, is now functioning as intended.

Mobile application

Available on the popular app stores application allows users to manage the membership and track events.

New UI/UX solutions

We implemented user-friendly interface according to UX best practices.

Agility in Project Management

The project requires many iterations and improvements that are flexibly delivered.

To improve the website’s general performance, we rewrote the main functionality from Webforms to .Net core 3.1 + Vue JS module by module. Also, the site’s design and user experience were updated and improved.

Our engineers tailored custom solutions by leveraging Net core 3.1 + Vue JS for the web platform, WordPress CRM for the content management part, and ReactNative for the new mobile app.


Significant improvements have been made to the website’s functionality, resulting in enhanced efficiency and performance. Most of the website’s features have been rewritten, ensuring smoother operation and a more seamless user experience. Notably, the payment module and financial reporting function as intended and effectively meet the client’s expectations.


The sports event app we delivered featured outstanding usability and a user-friendly interface providing easy management of all related activities for sports managers and athletes.