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It is necessary to apply new high-performance technologies and to experiment and seek new web development solutions to keep pace with the times. If you have already asked yourself this goal, you probably already know about the Node.js technology.

This modern solution unites all the experience gained over the time of using the previous technologies, has high productivity and speed of processing operations. Here is why you should try out this application development technology and why you will not be disappointed. Node.js will work the best in your project if:

  • You need to develop a lightweight and fast yet simple to use web application;
  • The logic of the application's operation is tied to frequent requests to the database and it is necessary to ensure their fast and asynchronous processing;
  • Your app deals with lots of interactions, not with complex calculations;
  • You do not want to reinvent the wheel, but to use the development time in the most useful way;
  • You want to create a soft real-time system, for example, a live chat;
  • You need to add some useful options to your current Node.js software solution;
  • You want your app to be highly efficient and scalable, providing great user experience;
  • Your site must withstand heavy loads and carry out a large number of operations simultaneously;
  • You do not want problems with finding developers for the project, as well as for its further support;
  • In your project, you want to use a technology that is actively supported by authors, sponsors, has a developed community and is constantly updated;
  • You want your app to automatically perform regular security check.


Artelogic is an outstanding node js development company providing the services of Javascript backend development. Our expert software development team boasts extensive experience in the top Node.js developer techniques and it definitely knows how to design applications in the way so that they meet all the requirements of your ultimate business.

Node js is a new web application technology that gives a significant advantage in building complex applications with rich functionality, single-page sites designed for a large number of user interactions. Today a huge number of sites are written using javascript, and node js allows you to write full server applications and extensions using only this language too. Thanks to this, it will not be difficult to find node.js applications developers for your project.

The main advantage of node js in its high performance during heavy application loads and a huge number of database accesses. The internal structure of it allows to output the results of the interaction without delay in time and in the right order. At the same time, the node js application does not require high-performance server hardware and provides excellent performance even on usual servers.

As you can see, node js development tools in some cases are a unique solution that allows you to avoid lots of problems in both development and support of the application, as well as avoiding unnecessary monetary investments.

Since there are always risks in applying a new popular technology to the project, the development should be entrusted to professionals only - hire Node.js developers. Our team is exactly the people who know all the pitfalls of development on node js and will be able to protect the project from frustration and unplanned expenditure. 

And we have the right node.js developer, tester, and other IT professionals required to bring every of your idea into practiсe. In addition to the development and testing services, we offer our customers support services for the application and its constant updating, so that your site always keeps pace with the times, adapts to the needs of customers, provides secure access to data. You can always rely on help in managing, configuring and updating the site.


In order to realize your idea using node js, it is necessary to go through several steps. Here's how our current node.js development services usually look like:


    You come to us with a Node.js apps idea and send as a quote request.


    We discuss it and analyze the business goals. Then the market research stage follows. The list of app features is created.

  • work begins
  • WORK

    Prototyping stage shows growth areas. The development and testing go hand in hand before the product goes to the production.


    The end-product is maintained constantly and it brings value to your business.

We launch your business ideas into digital space. We launch your business ideas into digital space.


Those who first challenge and master new web technologies end up winning everything. All the initial risks and difficulties are paid off with interest in the end. In this case, the help of professionals will help you make the product especially useful and effective.


Get maximum performance on complex projects

Node js is ideally suited for sites where there are not too many pages, but with a lot of functionality, working with data and databases. Node js is designed in a way to reduce the load on the hardware server part and improve the site performance. This avoids many of the inconveniences associated with page updates and the complexity of storing the data entered. All this happens easily and quickly with node js.



Create soft real-time systems

With node js development environment, it is possible to perform several operations on the page at the same time, and the execution speed of each of them will not depend on one another since node js allocates its own resource for each operation. Although this does not make it possible to set a rigid time frame for each operation, the node js application will be much faster and more user-friendly than applications written in any other development environment.



Be sure of the future of your application

Technologies are developing much faster than ideas are implemented, so today it is important to take care of what will happen with the application after its launch and delivery. Node js is constantly developing both thanks to the community and significant sponsorship, so you can have no doubt about its future. In addition, combined with other latest web and mobile technological developments, this modern JavaScript framework easily can become an extremely high-performance technology that easily processes a huge number of requests simultaneously.


Still in doubt, whether Node.js is the right choice for you? Contact us! The Artelogic team will help you choose the technology for your project, which will fully realize its potential.

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