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In-House vs Outsourcing Software Development

How to organize a team for the development?

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Vuhar Mamedov, Co-founder, Artelogic
17 Oct 2017
At the beginning of any new project, you will undoubtedly face the question: how to translate your idea into reality? Where to find experienced professionals and how to organize a team for the development? We know how tiresome this choice can be, so let’s outline the biggest advantages of both these options. In this article we’ll help to further learn, which path to go when you are considering in-house software development vs outsourcing? Inhouse Software Development What is in-house software development definition? It is a software development that is run by a corporate entity for the organizational uses. Let’s see an example to better understand the in-house software development meaning. A company, which may have or not a relation to the IT sector decides to develop t...

5 Things You Should Know Before Developing a Web App

What do you have to consider before developing an app?

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Ivanna Gurmak, CMO, Artelogic
22 Sep 2017
The product you work on is definitely going to achieve groundbreaking results. The audience is ready. Marketers are ready to launch campaigns. Investors are ready to finance the idea. The only thing you need is to develop the app. And to hire engineers. And to manage all the tasks. And to control the quality. And to do plenty of other things. Here is the list of Top-5 things every business owner should consider before developing an app. 1. What is your marketing and monetizing strategy? You should think about it while planning the app development. That’s vital to create a successful app. What’s your monetization model? How will you attract new users? Answering these questions will help to build an app from scratch and to create an app which makes money.   2. How ...

Projection by Artelogic

An estimation tool being developed to simplify and radically improve an accuracy of projects estimates

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Ivanna Gurmak, CMO, Artelogic
15 Jun 2017
Projection is an estimation tool being developed by Artelogic that aims to simplify and radically improve an accuracy of projects estimates by integration of easy to follow estimation techniques within an organization. Projection’s primary goal is to bring transparency to the estimation process and enable organizations to track their past estimates and continuously improve over time. The prototype of Projection is to be publically presented at RISE, Hong Kong. The main idea of Projection is to simplify the process of estimation and in a few steps demonstrate realistic expectations in terms of time and budget investments that a project requires. In addition to this, Projection’s analytical metrics are to allow leveraging insights from organization’s previous projects and...

Artelogic Has Joined Lviv IT Cluster

The power of partnership towards achieving broader goals

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Ivanna Gurmak, CMO, Artelogic
24 Feb 2017
Artelogic was founded in 2011 and since that time provides a full spectrum of software development services to its customers. Company’s portfolio consists of more than 5 years of experience, more than 100 completed projects, most of which have become profitable and continue extending their functionality. Two startups were sold for $3 millions in total value in an early startup stage. This year the company has also launched its own startup. But the main pride of Artelogic is its team of professionals whose day-to-day work allows building a genuine technology partnership with customers and partners all around the world.   Artelogic’s engineering expertise is not industry or country specific, but the top vertical markets the company deals with stand in the area of logistic...

Requirements Elicitation

A Starting Point to Technically And Economically Feasible Software Products

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Ivanna Gurmak, CMO, Artelogic
24 Feb 2017
Have you ever traveled from Lviv to San Francisco, you might know that there are no direct flights connecting these two cities. And if you once would like to get to the city by the bay, the booking system will offer you several options of through flights. It can be through Warsaw and Chicago or Vienna and Frankfurt or even other combinations of transit cities. Checking all possible ways, you surely will find the one, which meets your expectations. In other words, to get successfully and in time from point A to point B you have to know your final destination, properly estimate your time and take into account other details which can influence on your way. And Voila! You are there. Software product development is also a way from an idea to a release. Every project request comes as a signifi...

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