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AngularJS is just the right thing to choose if you plan to develop something exceptional, feature packed, result-driven and do it with the help of powerful technology in a convenient and optimal way. While you are searching for a proven AngularJS development company, which have the expertise in working with this framework, we at Artelogic are ready to share with you our experience of working with this framework. As we know that the main is to find the right tool to build a simple, but special product capable to solve multiple user’s issues that appear a daily basis.

AngularJS is one of JavaScript open source frameworks that are widely used by front-end developers around the globe. It is effective in building single-page apps, one-page applications which require only HTML, CSS, and JavaScript on the user side as well as more complex solutions. There’s no use to compare AngularJS with other JS frameworks as long as this Google project was developed to standardize the very structure of a web app and provide front-end engineers with a future template for a correct way of creating a client-side app. AngularJS affiliation with Google indicates directly to the framework’s efficient, reliable code and solid foundation.



Our company offers AngularJS web development services to entrepreneurs who value their resources of time and finances and prefer to work with proven effective technologies. Artelogic team of engineers possesses all necessary assets, knowledge and experience to provide you with an accurate, custom built AngularJS web application according to your budget and always within the given time frames, because, with Angular we always have enough of time and space to hone the code to perfection.

We care our reputation as a tech-savvy, reliable, close-tight team of creative and hardworking developers. We strive to deliver projects, that are viable, effective and functional and do our best to provide benefits to our customers and successful experience to the users. Artelogic team has been developing profound and sophisticated front-ends since the inception of the company and by this time we’ve gained great experience in the sphere. And AngularJS is a reliable tool that helps us make it all happen.



A reasonable question we expect you to ask us. Artelogic applies several business patterns to all our projects depending on the peculiarities of each case. So how to find out more?

  • Send a quote for dot net development services.
  • Think about an engagement model that fits your needs the best:

extended team delivery,

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managed services.

  • We carefully study your needs and expectation, estimate your request and get back to you with an offer, which is the most cost and time effective.
  • Team work at your project according to the terms of the selected engagement model, while you taking advantages from the outcome.


To identify whether we are the right team for you, we ask a lot of questions. Then we analyze masses of information connected with the client’s company and business; it’s important to us to understand business concerns and hopes that you experience. Once we feel that our team is in the tune with the client, it is time to make machines think the same way and we fall on designing of an app. we take our time in adding to the product all those features and functionality the client and us would like to be there, we discuss, analyze, think, imagine, implement. Development stage is our real chance to reveal all our hidden and visible talents in programming and we take it very seriously.

We don’t want to load you with any complicated information anymore as you’ve got plenty of valuable stuff to learn. Now, that we’ve told you a lot about AngularJS and give you some information about Artelogic agency capabilities in AngularJS development, you don’t need to hesitate taking your decision. AngularJS gives much more than simple front-end solution, it immediately ignites millions of perspective ideas of future products based on this framework. Artelogic gives more than simple development, our team is a reliable, motivated and engaged business partner ready for providing maximum improvements to your business. AngularJS is your perfect tool for creating an exceptional digital product and Artelogic can make this tool work in the way our customer wants. Give your users amazing experience and prosper with Artelogic AngularJS web development.

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WHY AngularJS?


It all looks really marvellous, but still, the market is already stuck with the numerous coding languages and frameworks and other complicated stuff all have been performing quite well for a long time. Why then should you take AngularJS app development as your victor sword in the battle for getting the max of benefits creating and launching a new product? We’re going to tell you why:


  • AngularJS is MVC based: AngularJS dramatically simplifies development process by taking care of your app split into MVC components and needed to be stitched together with the code. The framework will manage your MVC components for you and also perform as a pipeline to connect them.


  • POJO data models: this means you won’t need any extra getter and setter functions as POJO provides all the standard functionalities of JavaScript required for object manipulations. Thus, all the properties found on data models, Angular automatically bounds to the view. Meaning, Angular does all the work here: watches for any changes to the properties and then automatically updates the view.
  • Great control of directives: in Angular HTML performs as a pattern language; HTML is a declarative language and is used for the determination of the app’s execution. With the help of HTML directives Angular gives you boundless possibilities for the tags and attributes. So you won’t have to create exhaustive CSS classes or rearrange your code to get the functionality you need.
  • Filters flexibility: filters filter the data and help transform tons of data into easily scalable and reusable code. You can utilize filters in templates, services, controllers, and even directives, if you need. This gives tremendous flexibility in development and you are capable to tackle an HTML table with no JavaScript.
  • Angular requires little of code: as you can see from the above list points, AngularJS will free you from writing a lot of code. Data models are simple and don’t require getters and setters. With Angular there is no need to create your own MVC pipeline. Directives can be written in parallel by another developer’s team, and filters enable manipulations with data on the view level without changing the controllers. Less code - less problems!
  • Dependency Injection testing: testing is something that makes a good product a perfect product. AngularJS gets the testing in the very core of the framework. The whole AngularJS is bound to Dependency Injection. So, the only thing left to do is to inject the sample data into controller and receive the measurements of the behavior and output.
  • Contextual awareness with PubSub system: PubSub is one of Observer variations and used for conducting connection between publisher and subscribers. PubSub provides loose coupling of different system objects, scalability, easy testing, and clean design.

We could continue much further this pretty impressive list of all AngularJS software development advantages, but will leave it for your eager curiosity to go and find it yourself.

In a word, Angular is a cost-effective, versatile, and comprehensive solution of many IT challenges that your company may be facing. We assure that thanks to Angular data binding amazing capabilities to HTML your users will get the max of rich and valuable experience. Which, in turns, will lead you right to the increase of conversion rates and revenue.

But good and effective Angular itself is not enough for building a true masterpiece from the mass of numbers and letters of code lines. To make this miracle work you’ve got to find a well-trained team of developers who know how and do it.

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