UX Audit for a Catering Application

By addressing user feedback, improving key functionalities, and implementing targeted design changes, the application is poised to meet its business objectives and provide a superior user experience.


Nielsen Heuristics Method


Company that manages marketplace for school catering

End Users

Parents and children

Catering managers

Project overview

This case study details the UX audit of a mobile app that allows parents to order school meals for their children. The audit was initiated after user feedback about unclear registration processes and other usability issues. Our client’s goals were to increase engagement, customer conversion, and satisfaction and offer unique features that stand out from the competition.

UX Audit was targeted to discover customer experience challenges during the go-to-market stage after launching the application. For UX consultants, the client identified four main objectives:

  1. Increase User Engagement
  2. Increase Customer Satisfaction
  3. Differentiate from Competitors


The initial challenges were identified through direct user feedback, which highlighted the following:

  • Confusing Navigation
  • Slow Load Times
  • Difficulty in Completing Tasks
  • Financial and Billing Management Issues
  • Inadequate Notifications and Descriptions

The client expected the UX audit to diagnose these issues and suggest clear, actionable solutions to improve the application’s design and functionality.



Independent User Testing

Involving neutral users matching the app’s target demographic to complete tasks and provide feedback.

User Interviews

To gather qualitative insights into user experiences and expectations

Nielsen Heuristics Method

Employed to evaluate and improve UI/UX design systematically.

Analysis & Solution Development

Using data from testing and interviews to formulate design recommendations.


Recommendation for improvement Customer Experience:

  • User Onboarding: Introduction of “Hero,” an animated avatar that provides user-friendly tips at each step.
  • Registration and Account Management: Streamlining processes and enhancing user control over finances and billing.
  • Meal Ordering: Simplification of ordering for various durations and improvement in meal descriptions considering customer diversity, such as ethnic and medical needs.
  • Order History: Enhancing visibility and control over children’s independent meal orders.
  • Notification System: Improved deadline notifications to ensure parents meet ordering cutoffs.
  • Navigation and Interface Usability: Enhancing icon and notification clarity and overall app navigation.


The audit resulted in several key deliverables:


  • Usability Reports: Detailed findings from testing sessions, including usability issues and recommendations for each.
  • Presentation Decks: Designed to share insights, proposed solutions, and expected impacts with stakeholders.