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Looking for ERP software development for logistics industry?


Real-time information for accurate & timely decision making is the lifeblood of any business, especially when it comes to the logistics industry. Indeed, every often warehouse owners and logistics operators face troubles because of the fact that information is being delivered not real-time. Of course, that’s not the only problem they have to deal with as there are dozens of others as well. Still, the real-time information is crucial. If you are not aware of some facts, you risk missing the broader picture.

Thus, you definitely need to integrate the real-time tracking capabilities into your custom ERP software application. Apart from real-time capabilities, your ERP software should be powerful and easy to use at the same time. In fact, by creating a robust logistics ERP software, your business will be able to:

  • Enable trackability to improve operational & financial control
  • Improve operational efficiency through seamless integration
  • Cut down the overall and per shipment cost
  • Increase productivity through the automation of operational processes
  • Reduce or eliminate paperwork
  • Become mobile
  • Relieve your stress by reducing risks and human mistakes
  • Reduce wastage and plugging leakages, eliminate bottlenecks & delays
  • Improve security
  • Enable strategic planning of vehicles, drivers, warehouse employees and depots
  • Drive sales and revenue growth
  • Offer a more custom fit application out of the box for customers.

Simply put, with a good logistics ERP option, you get your staff up and running quickly. Luckily, there are many commercial ERP systems available. The challenge is selecting the right kind of solution. Consider this: a small manufacturer with two or three warehouses will have very different needs than a big enterprise which is involved in global sourcing.

Thus, to take maximum a good logistics ERP software solution has to offer, your product should be incredibly powerful yet amazingly simple. So, you should definitely consider addressing a reliable IT partner, which can develop a dynamic solution for your business. Such feature-packed software for transportation will be used for management of end-to-end business workflows of shipping and fleet industry in an effective and resource-saving manner.


The solution  - custom ERP software for logistics Artelogic is a custom software development company that specializes in offering custom-built services to leading logistics businesses. Our expert, dynamic and trustworthy team has proven experience and skills in the logistics industry.  

We have developed software solutions for both big and small companies. There are both complex enterprise business software solutions and unique custom software products in our portfolio. And thus, we can help you with any kind of ERP system you might need to help your business operate more efficiently. Moreover, our development services are totally custom-oriented. In other words, we will develop a product specially tailored to your business with all your requirements and product specifications taken into account. We can develop from scratch or customize/update your existing software for the logistics industry. For instance, if your solution is feature packed, yet it lacks some of the advanced features, like electronic imaging, advanced analytics capabilities or crypto POS systems, Artelogic can implement all of the lacking features to make your product more effective, productive and competitors-free.  We can also help you lower your operating costs by automating your business processes.


Artelogic can develop the next-generation software for logistics that will help warehouse and transportation business owners, freight forwarders, logistics service providers, and others dealing within the logistics industry to effectively run business operations.

So, let’s streamline all of your dispatch operations and optimize your customer communications.


    You specify all your requirements for your ERP software for logistics. Please do include your expectations and product vision.


    Our dedicated team analyzes the product you want to get, its market and major competitors and your ultimate needs and demands. We determine the scope of work, set the due date and the price.

  • work begins
  • WORK

    We conduct the required scope of work to develop and implement your system with all the needed functionality. We test it and test it again to make sure everything just works fine.


    You get your A-level software for the logistics industry.

Needless to add, if you ask Artelogic to develop your software for the logistics industry, we will definitely provide support throughout the project implementation and subsequent maintenance.


These are few benefits, a custom software solution can bring to the business:  


Full control over your business

Outstanding, comprehensive & fully customized software for transportation solution tailored to your business needs and requirements




Advanced features

A set of advanced features, not to mention electronic imaging and support of crypto POS systems



Right planning

The possibility to accurately forecast demand and shipment volumes




Solid resources savings




Happy customers and more profits.


In a nutshell, Artelogic brings a competitive advantage through technology by providing you with the software that will enlarge your business, exceed your customer requirements, and pave the foresight, innovation, and execution you need for your business to thrive. So, it’s time you partnered with Artelogic to get the ERP solution that delivers what the end user wants.   


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