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FOR Yii2 Development Services and Solutions for Business?

There are some occasions when it is necessary to build a stable website from scratch, without using out-of-the-box solutions. Especially for such cases, an open source php framework with high flexibility and efficiency was designed – Yii2.

As a matter of fact, Yii2 framework is a powerful, feature-packed development tool, which has what to offer. Generally, using Yii2 framework can do a good job for you in such cases:

  • You need to develop a new highly customized and efficient application, which has no analogous implementations.
  • You wish the development process to be manageable enough, flexible, and scalable.
  • The speed of the development matters, you need your product to be successfully delivered as soon as possible.
  • The Yii web solution should be set up for the best performance and still remain reasonably priced.
  • Online data security is critical for your web app business: any data leak can bring a huge loss for your company.
  • The website service you want to be created should be closely integrated with the popular social media modules and it definitely needs a direct access to their APIs.
  • There could not be any superfluous functionality in the resulting solution.
  • You need to add novel functionality to your existing web development solution, for instance, to add a new payment gateway.

There are a number of other common issues when you need to find a trusted web development company that can create a robust application by means of Yii framework.


Yii2 Development Services and Solutions for Business ADVANTAGES

The solution is Yii2 web developemnt. Artelogic has a wide expertise in custom programming, not to mention Yii2 web development services. Our long list of successful web application development case studies clearly proves that. Indeed, we can help you use all of the advantages the yii framework could bring.

By the way, this excellent tool has many profitable characteristics. For instance, it eliminates the need for the Yii developers to write code from scratch, as it already contains a basic set of components using which you can build your own implementation. Among its other prominent characteristics are the following:

  • Deep social media integration
  • User-friendly interface without excessive features
  • High level of security, hacker-resistant
  • Great performance
  • Configuration simplicity

Our Yii framework development serivces include:

  • Yii2 website development, design, maintenance, and upgrade
  • Custom Yii2 application development
  • Yii2 extension development
  • Yii2 migration and support
  • Web services and payment gateway integration

Our dedicated application development team has a significant expertise in the development area, not to mention, Yii2 application development. So we can provide you with the best solutions for custom website building. We employ expert developers, testers, and other skillful IT professionals, so we may guarantee you top notch quality services.


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