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Any custom software, including web apps, requires further maintenance and support services after it has been designed and released to the market. The types of issues that can arise in the process of exploitation are very wide. There are situations, which usually lead people to software maintenance and support page.

Typically, the most common application maintenance and support issues are:

  • You need to adapt your application to business requirements and market challenges. In order to meet newly introduced constraints, you need to make modifications to the software, like adding new functionality or enhancements
  • Your platform requires technical changes and adjustments so that it can continue to perform the assigned functions. In other words, to avoid any risks and software maintenance pitfalls, your software requires preventative maintenance
  • The business implies the constant need of support, or in other words, professional maintenance services
  • During the operation of your web application, some problems have arisen and they need to be fixed as soon as possible. You have a need of fixing and setting up the application
  • You are in need to avoid financial losses and downtime of the organization, as long as your web app software has become outdated. To remain competitive with new more efficient technologies on the market, it is necessary to keep adaptability and respond to the changing users’ feedback
  • You need to integrate your platform with other systems or tools, thus, you need to conduct good testing services as well
  • Your app needs updating or further consulting services
  • You use open source software, but want to create your ultimate one, taking into account all your business requirements 

But is there any way to modify an already existing application rather than run a full development cycle again? How to be sure that the adaptive maintenance will be smooth and easy? Robust custom software maintenance services provided by experts would be of great help.


The solution can be software maintenance and support services. 

Artelogic offers an efficient and flexible solution for maintenance and support. As the support and maintenance definition says, it includes all the modifications and updates done after the software product delivery. In fact, it enables uninterrupted operation of the software, together with enhancements and changes implementation. You no more need to care about problems occurring during the product operation. Our extended team delivery service includes all the types of technical support and maintenance:

  • Corrective
  • Preventive
  • Adaptive
  • Perfective

Our software maintenance support team has a significant expertise in working with the bleeding-edge technology, so we will provide you with the best solutions for updating the application or software testing. The core technologies stacks we work with are: Microsoft, PHP, JavaScript. Also we provide serices of manual and automated quality assurance.

So, what is software support for you? 


Software maintenance and support plan.

Our dedicated team of skilled specialists applies efficient types of support software and provides quality solutions to avoid any inconveniences of your software in the future. Here how it works:


    You quote for our maintenance and support services.


    We discuss your requirements and expectations regarding the needed support and software maintenance services. We start analyzing your application and determining what measures should be taken.


    We agree on the responsibilities.

  • WORK

    The start of the development process. Your business prosper.


As mentioned in the opening, regular professional software maintenance along with application support are crucial for any product. In that way, you may count on numerous benefits.

In fact, the basic software support advantages include: 


Customer loyalty and retention

Overall high quality and timely delivery of products and services to your users or clients. The continuous and error-free operation of applications is very important for customers who need reliability.



Cost reduction

New technologies offer solutions, which are more flexible, and thus more responsive to the market, less time and efforts consuming in maintenance and support.



The increase in productivity

Avoid or minimize the downtime by the immediate response to any occured issue. That's why an application support is essential for saving the company's revenues and prolonging the successful operation of your software systems.




No limits of the business development.


Eventually, software support and application testing provided by our outstaffing team of dedicated developers and testers allows you spending time more productively without losing the quality of customer service. Thus, it might be said without exaggeration, our support service is a great option for you if you want to stay competitive. Do not hesitate to become our client, because we’re Artelogic, a team, which considers software maintenance to be the art. Get your ultimate support team and enjoy staying on top of everything!


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