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The way we consume information is constantly changing. Do you know that once considered as the best enterprise marketing channel, for instance, SMS marketing, or email marketing, can bring poor results tomorrow or in the nearest future? How to be proactive rather than reactive?

You need not only to cover multiple marketing channels with relevant content, but to analyse the effectiveness in a proper way and think a few steps ahead with the proper analytical data. Keeping content fresh, relevant, innovative, and interactive is a critical need for any company. A social media integration is also a must have for every digital product. Besides, you need to have a sound marketing strategy, which involves telling about your product not only on the website but also on microsites and other landing pages. These are the major marketing recommendations for any company, both small, big, and medium-sized businesses.

But what about technology? When combined with carefully-thought and elegantly-crafted management software and marketing automation tools, that will bring you even more as together, they can smoothly integrate all of the marketing efforts into one cohesive marketing campaign with. Plus, the proper automation software can prevent you from getting conflicting data from a number of sources, ensuring that the expectations of your customers are met.

In general, robust, customer-centric marketing software can solve the following issues:

  • Modernize your brand by increasing the revenue for your business,  improving the efficiency of marketing campaigns and branding efforts
  • Get the best of the marketing data you receive and its analysis
  • Implement traffic-driven marketing programs, covering all your marketing channels in a proper way
  • Automate various marketing campaigns and processes within your marketing platform. For instance, you need a robust marketing automation solution enriched with email marketing tools, which allow you sending personalized emails, or social media marketing options, which keep your customers engaged
  • Add activity tracking and marketing analytics tools, for instance social media monitoring and other novel marketing features to your email marketing software or any other marketing solution  
  • Improve user experience and encourage your site or app browsing, driving you qualified leads. Catch the eye of your website visitor by offering smooth and fun online experiences. We all know the importance of a smooth customer experience, right?
  • Collect and analyze your customer behavior; structure, and benefit from your customer data.
  • Manage your online assets, not to mention e-books and case studies.
  • Bring your potential customers to your platforms by means of well-crafted landing pages
  • Arm your website with great software tools, for instance, an AI live chat and other interactive elements
  • Improve your customer engagement

So, it now becomes obvious that to succeed in the online marketing industry, you need to find the best marketing development solution for you. But don’t forget that only a custom development company can arm you with the marketing automation platform tools needed to produce results. Indeed, there are solid differences between small business marketing automation tools implementation and the complex enterprise-level SRM integration.


If you are a forward-looking software product development company, Artelogic is your win-win scenario. We can create specially-tailored automation solutions that will help your businesses stand above the competition. We can develop marketing automation tools suited to large companies, corporations and government departments as well as startups and family-own small businesses.

Noteworthy is to add that Artelogic custom software development agency will be a nice way to go in case you are looking for comprehensive entire marketing software solutions. Yet, it will be a great fit for you if you need a single marketing automation tool, for instance, powerful email campaigns with trigger emails to engage your target audiences.

Thus, with Artelogic, your digital marketing applications made simple and effective. You can easily manage your marketing teams, event management and sales teams. Perform numerous marketing tasks in a snap: create landing pages that drive traffic, send emails or publish press releases.


Partner with Artelogic to get innovative, impactful automation solutions that meet your clients’ business goals. No matter what your web development requirements for marketing automation products are, we will do our best to satisfy them. Besides, we promise to always place you at the center of our process, keeping you informed during the whole process of development.

We provide the campaign management tools you need to automate your businesses and use to the fullest your income data received from different sources. Here how it works:


    You tell us about your future marketing automation platform, indicate the desired marketing automation tools.


    We perform the needed sales and marketing researches, compare marketing automation features of similar web services, their technical aspects and the best ways to implement them. We pay much attention to your target audience and their needs and how to implement these needs within your ultimate resource. Afterwards, we produce a project development contract, where we indicate the scope of work, time frames and the budget.

  • work begins
  • WORK

    Once agreed, Artelogic starts working on programming your custom software. We are agile and keep you informed during the whole application development process. If needed, novel features or minor adjustments would be added to the system upon your request. We test it several times and then test your marketing automation solutions again to ensure all requirements are carefully met.


    You get your tailored and configurable products, which deliver both real time and in the long run results.

Let’s be honest: since it is hardly possible to provide 100% bug-free business marketing automation software (Don’t argue here, the researchers have proved that so far), Artelogic Artelogic software development services promise to fix bugs in a timely manner.

Anyway, skillful IT professionals, proactive communication, great project management, and reasonable pricing are some of the distinctive features Artelogic boasts. Still hesitating? Consider our benefits. 


Partnering with Artelogic development services could prove to be hugely beneficial. The comprehensive marketing solution integration will surely improve your customer’s response rates, bringing deeper user engagement. Thus, you may count on increased ROI and lifetime value.

Thus, here are some of the custom digital marketing benefits that we guarantee to all our customers:


Solution developed from scratch for your needs

Top-notch sales and marketing automation solutions developed from scratch or measurable improvements of your existing social marketing software, driving you both revenues and profits.



Increased marketing ROI

Exceptional return on marketing investments.



Business authenticity

Comprehensive business marketing automation, giving space for your authentic and relatable social media presence.



Comprehensive development experience

Personal approach with a devoted app development manager and a comprehensive support team. Proactive communication and time-proven experiences.



Product ownership

100% privacy policy guarantee and NDA following. You will be the only owner of all custom marketing products Artelogic will craft for you.


One more important thing to add: there will always be a fierce competition on the marketing automation software market. Don’t fall behind, with Artelogic, your marketing solutions will be a success and you’ll always stay on curve!

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