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Globalization, aggressive economic ambiguity and cutting-edge technologies have brought a serious stimulus to the freight management industry. Therefore, many business owners dealing with the air cargo software systems want to unleash the power of digital technology to properly plan, execute, and control the movement of goods, information, and people. We all want to eliminate human errors, right?

It’s for sure that in a modern business world, having the right logistics software that can guarantee accurate, real-time information and instantaneous communications has become a vital part of any supply chain’s effective operations. We aim to make our operations run smoothly. But the functionality doesn’t end here. For instance, you might want to make it possible for your customers to interact with multiple carriers within a single platform.

So, what exactly is needed when it comes to freight logistics software solutions? And how do you know that it’s time for your existing air cargo management software solution to be updated or improved?

Below, we have hand-picked the most common options your freight tracking software might want to perform, which include the ability to:

  • Optimize inventory usage by streamlining your workflow and automating day-to-day processes.
  • Maintain the highest level of data integrity by live monitoring of vehicle progress and controlling deliveries via GPS.
  • Determine transportation expenses, providing cost-saving options
  • Decrease delivery times by reducing failure rates and eliminating costly downtime
  • Cut labor costs by improving your transport business operations
  • Gain transparency by recording and reporting any divergences
  • Improve the return on assets of your shipping optimization software
  • Adapt to ever-changing market conditions
  • Impress your customers by forecasting optimized load, minimizing wasted space and reducing freight costs.

In a nutshell, if you are feeling that your existing air freight software product needs most of the mentioned options, it’s time for you to start looking for a strong IT partner who can implement all the needed features. But beware, only an expert, reputable freight tracking software development vendor can guarantee you a seamless secure integration in successfully operating transportation and warehouse systems. So, ensure you can trust your IT vendor.


Artelogic is a trustworthy client –driven cargo tracking software development vendor that can help your business get the best value out of the currently available technologies. Our bespoke logistics software development agency can develop, deploy and support leading edge transport management software for your logistics business, be it a small, medium or a major corporate solution.

Our expert team consisting of enthusiastic and dedicated engineers, testers, designers and managers can develop a comprehensive air cargo software solution that will cover the entire process of the freight forwarding business. Such a robust system can help you to overcome numerous challenges by optimizing cost-effective deliveries and automating daily business activities.

Needless to add, our expert team has an in-depth understanding of transportation & logistics operations plus fleet management processes. We have developed a solid set of tailored and configurable products for our customers so far. Simply take a more in-depth look at our portfolio.


The process of cooperating with Artelogic is simple and consistent. We will focus on performance and a robust set of features your ultimate freight forwarding system requires, no matter whether it’s a route planning, delivery tracking application or any other. There is no freight forwarding software project that is too big or too small for us.  

We can develop a robust logistics tracking management software from scratch, improve the functionality of your existing ocean freight software or just customize the trucking software to offer you better visibility and complete control over your business. We will examine the existing freight software solutions, analyze your product niche requirements and configure the optimal solution for your ultimate business.


    You tell us about the freight management software you need, for example, a complete and accurate warehouse management system combined with a fully integrated accounting system.


    We conduct the market and competitors software solutions analysis. We determine the scope of work, agree on it and the budget, then we sign the contract with you and our team starts working on your management system project.

  • work begins
  • WORK

    We work on it, then test your freight shipping software product several times before you get it.


    Your fully-fledged product is ready, so you can count on high-quality shipping services with optimized logistic chains and other benefits.


Partnering with Artelogic brings a lot of benefits. Just for the record, when we build comprehensive systems for transportation management, procurement, warehouse management, we can help you to efficiently scale your business and drive measurable business improvements.

In short, with Artelogic, you can count on the following benefits:



A fully scalable and responsive air cargo management solution to suit your business ultimate needs. Solid time and cost reductions in the the long run.




The ability to sustain and calmly manage aggressive growth. The possibility to enhance your transport management software capabilities, bringing optimized capacity and proactive security.



Accurate planning

Full visibility into inventory management and transparency of all of your business processes. It helps to prevent errors/mistakes.



Customer loyalty

Happy and grateful customers


Thus, if you are looking for a comprehensive shipping logistics solution that will enable your organization to improve processes and increase your return on investment, Artelogic makes a wonderful option. Artelogic can provide you with a good freight logistics software solution that will bring numerous cost-saving advantages for your business operations. Unparalleled attention to detail combined with the support and skills of the best IT experts are guaranteed. Time to achieve efficiency and competitive value!




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