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Digitalization and automation are pervasive trends across the multitude of industries. Management of goods and resources - shipping logistics - is one of those fields that adopt and perfect it at an especially rapid pace. Freight management software, if engineered correctly, comes equipped with a number of features that are helpful in optimization of domestic and international freight traffic and provision of additional customer support, like freight tracking systems.

Solutions like freight management system are the most common in modern logistics. Such programs are often based on pre-made freight software. The situation is completely different when it comes to air freight software and ocean freight solutions. Complex navigation systems, a number of unpredictable variables, and emphasis on safety are just some of the reasons why both air freight and ocean freight management software need to be developed from scratch, without the reliance on existing freight logistics software.

Does your company have a need to automate cargo management services and shipping logistics? Is the freight management system you employ currently not precise or customized enough? Or did a need arise to update the cargo management software you use? If any of these points are on point, you probably also experience:

  • Lack of goods inventory detail;
  • Failure of cargo tracking system or transportation logistics software to serve some freight forwarders;
  • Losses of goods by a freight forwarder, that lead to reimbursements;
  • Waste of time due to high freight management software lags.

If this sounds familiar and frustrating, highly personalized innovative set of services would be extremely useful in your case. Tailored cargo management solution will provide you with an efficient way to handle tasks unique to your routes, transportation methods and business processes.


The tasks that can be solved by effective cargo logistics management software are not limited to straightforward control of freight logistics. In addition, it should be equipped with real-time cargo tracking routines supported by practical and precise data management and storage service. The more complex your network of connections is, the more resources such a logistics system requires, both in the development and after the release.

Our job at Artelogic is to account for your particular circumstances, develop the freight forwarding software that would cover all your logistic processes, delivery and transport management, provide necessary updates, and permanently maintain the resulting cargo software solution in a working condition.

As mentioned before, high specificity of cargo logistics software for air and ocean freight forwarding, such systems would have to be developed from grounds up. Although it is a demanding process, both in terms of required skills and resources, it leads to great results in a form of integrated solutions with highly custom features.

Closely cooperating with us during the development of air freight software or ocean freight software, you can:

  • Revise your resource consumption, increase control over state and safety of vehicles, especially during international freight shipment;
  • Be able to account for a number of specific features during the optimum course plotting;
  • Create or update a warehouse cargo management software for better control of the payload before the actual shipping operations;
  • Gather more data from both successful and failed freight forwarding to further analyze the shipments and logistic software performance;
  • Provide an enhanced customer experience to your clients using accurate and real-time freight tracking software;
  • Manage every freight forwarder and every process, get concise reports on the important services of cargo logistics;
  • Shift focus to other aspects of your business development and prepare to potential full automation of freight delivery.

You can use these improvements to shipping operations management as excellent selling points if you want to reach a wider audience. Thus, not only will cargo management software save you time and money but also increase the overall money flow.


The development of custom software for freight management is based on the conditions you set as a customer. We are proud of being completely client-oriented cargo software and logistics software development company, which is why the appropriate development process should look like this:


    To begin, we must clearly understand your needs and ideas. The end result is determined through discussion, situation description, and requirements specification.


    The next step on our part is detailed research, analysis of possible solutions, comparison to similar situations, and existing examples of a cargo software solution. We also consider the challenges you might not have predicted or ways to improve processes you might not have examined. Based on the data we gain, we’re able to determine the scope of the development - starting with the required resources and up to the tentative schedules and deadlines.

  • work begins

    Upon reaching the agreement on the extent of the project, we immediately start the application development process. Whether you deal with domestic or international freight forwarding; dry land deliveries, air cargo, ocean freight or any combination of thus, our team of experts can boast the needed skills and experience. Artelogic software engineers are well versed in custom software for a variety of industries including logistics.


    Our quality assurance team will ensure that the product would operate steadily and correctly in the most extreme situations by testing it over and over again.


    When we are completely sure in the stability of the product’s operation, we will finalize and deploy it to the required environment.


    And, of course, Artelogic is ready to provide further maintenance and any support your new custom logistics system might require, including staff training.

By the way, you could claim your the further product support and maintenance services at Artelogic as well.


Air cargo software requires a lot of specific knowledge and experience to be built. However, the implementation of cargo logistics management software will ensure a number of benefits.

If you choose to work with our team, among other gains you’ll get: 


Detailed and real-time air cargo and land/sea freight tracking

A variety of options and analytics can be implemented, providing you with exhaustive data about all your vehicles/cargo state and movements.



Timely and direct communication and information exchange

Task planning and reminders, instant messaging and SMS - any modern staff management and communication methods you might think of can and must be integrated into a unified system with simple understandable interface and wide capabilities for customization.



Safety for freight forwarders and confidence for your company

The logistic software provides you with ways to control the situation. Logistics software paired with in-depth data analytics can save payloads from potential dangers.



Process automation

Although at this moment there is no way for an air cargo software to conduct the full range of freight forwarding processes without human oversight, a lot of routine tasks and checks can easily be managed by machines.



Effective logistics optimization and resource cutback

The lack of data and over-reliance on conventional route choices can blind you to the time and money you can save. Professional freight software can provide freight forwarders with optimal course calculation options.


The lack of data and over-reliance on conventional route choices can blind you to the time and money you can save. Professional freight software can provide freight forwarders with optimal course calculation options.

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