As healthcare software vendors claim, keeping medical records on paper costs twice as much as electronic ones. Nevertheless, the majority of products, systems, services, apps or solutions within medical space still store their data on paper, which makes it extremely difficult and long to properly coordinate healthcare, correctly estimate quality or decrease medical errors. Unfortunately, the problems do not end here.

Below, we have handpicked the most common troubleshoots healthcare software development companies regularly eliminate:

  • There’s a need in optimizing the quality of medical care and health information: healthcare managers spend more time in Excel than on patient care
  • It takes too much time to consolidate information from numerous databases, you need advanced technology solutions
  • The existing systems aren’t focused on patient’s welfare and personal health
  • There’s a need in simplifying or updating billing processes or regulatory requirements
  • It’s necessary to streamline processes and customize the management systems workflow
  • You need to make your software platforms more secure
  • Errors and redundancies, which cause extra expenses. Medical app development companies have to quickly eliminate them.
  • The medical service has a web version, but it requires greater widespread accessibility.
  • The existing healthcare app should be updated or integrated with 3d party systems.
  • The health data product requires some expert software engineering in healthcare consultation on how to best optimize it.



The Solution  - custom healthcare software development

Artelogic is a trustworthy healthcare software development company, which offers a complete range of product engineering services.  As a company with an experience on the healthcare software applications market, Artelogic is your right software - partner when it comes to medical software programs and services design, development and modernization. With dozens of successfully finished patient portals and other digital medical care apps, we know how to cope with any software development challenges on our way.

Let professional team of Artelogic:

  • Plan, develop, test, implement and deploy meaningful practice management solutions for the healthcare industry
  • Update or improve the existing electronic health records management software app
  • Connect your application to the data that it needs, whether it’s an EHR, Hospitals, EMRs, PACS, and HIEs or any claim management system
  • Create a desktop version of your product
  • Bring your information systems to the cloud, making your software mobile and handy to use on the go
  • Make up a new business idea for your existing enterprise software
  • Give you the power to create real-time forecasts by implementing data analytics
  • Improve your data and product security
  • Development of HIPPA Compliant Software

Needless to add, when it comes to medical device software development and software testing, Artelogic is a genuine leader as we hire only skillful and experienced medical software developers and testers.



Artelogic is one of those healthcare software vendors, which highly value their customers. That’s why we have successfully implemented the best practices to make the process of working with us as smooth, consistent, and pleasant as possible.

When it comes to software engineering in healthcare, our working process is as follows:

  • You tell us what you desire, specify your project design and development needs, share your suggestions and specify the due date
  • We perform the health applications market analyses and researches
  • Our certified technical experts start working. Since we work according to the agile custom software development approach, you can get involved in the product development process any time you desire and change or edit your business applications requirements
  • Our QA team consisting of testers and quality assurance professionals test it several times to ensure that you get the top notch solution before the stated deadline
  • You enjoy endless benefits of healthcare application development

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When it comes to software development in healthcare, you can take advantage of numerous benefits. The most attention worthy healthcare application development advantages are listed below:

  • A beautiful solution tailored to your needs: enjoy having a smart custom software solution with all your requirements taken into account. Benefit from brand differentiation via impactful, beautiful products.
  • Significant cost reduction: activities, reminders, update and backup data automation, less time-consuming paperwork.
  • Improved care coordination and greater patient engagement: smoother communication between caregivers and patients, faster data exchange, auto reminders and etc.
  • Advanced analytics and predicting capabilities: smart software development for the healthcare industry technologies help you identify patients at risk of developing any medical conditions or forecast impending parts failures in industrial equipment before they happen. Prevent problems with your healthcare services hardware, software, network and security.
  • Customer satisfaction: your healthcare application runs like clockwork no matter what happens, providing its customers with consistent, seamless user experience.
  • Fast market conquering: get to electronic health market faster with the help of our medical software development company.
  • Military-level security of your software solutions: similar to other leading healthcare software companies, we put a heavy emphasis on security. Reduce the possibility of unwelcome surprises, prevent unauthorized disclosure of data.
  • Complete support: we offer premium quality support management & maintenance services to all our customers.

Anyway, when you need a trusted healthcare solutions development provider, Artelogic takes the crown. Why not contact our expert custom software vendors and enjoy the mentioned above benefits?



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