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The 21st- century staffing and recruiting industry is ultra-competitive. And it does not matter whether you are working in recruiting agencies, search firms, and staffing organizations or just in the human resources department,  and once you own an employment or recruitment company, powerful software for staffing is a real must-have.

Typically, any good software for recruiting effectively integrates and streamlines talent recruiting, retention plus candidates, employees and external vendors management. Also, today there’s a strong necessity in tasks automating or at least improving the efficiency of day-to-day tasks, such as data entry, job posting, searching through resumes and applicant/staff flow management.  Still, it is of paramount importance to make sure you avoid sifting through hundreds of staffing services and systems. Instead, use the custom software for recruiting firms, human resources or staffing departments that is tailored to your business needs. That will save you time and money.

When it comes to development companies specializing in software for recruiting agencies, the most typical tasks they need to do are as follows:

  • Create one feature-packed recruiting system to move fluidly through
  • Automate manual tasks such as time and expense submissions, eliminating frustrating and expensive human errors.
  • Add the possibility to easily import and export data
  • Create a valuable knowledge database
  • Add reporting functionality to the existing software to monitor business performance and get a report on clients, opportunities, communication with external people, and other important information
  • Add an option to spread job vacancies from the career page on job boards and social networks online
  • Add other novel options and resources to the existing staffing and recruiting software.

It’s obvious now that robust, smooth and full-featured software for recruiting allows a staffing company efficiently performing everyday tasks without wasting time on tasks that could be done in an automatic way.  



The solution is a smart software for staffing tailored to your company needs. Artelogic is a real expert in developing specific recruitment software and other software solutions for the HR field. We can develop any software for recruiting companies from scratch and can improve the technology products you already have.

We are there to always support your current and future business goals. Simply speaking, Artelogic can help you:

  • Create your ultimate software for staffing agencies. You can have the needed functionality in mind, or we can help you determine what’s needed.
  • Implement any functionality your product still lacks. When it comes to design and development, we can add any needed features to your staffing agency software to improve efficiency and productivity, saving your time and money.  
  • Automate all the needed processes. Benefit from automatic time and expense submissions, search and candidates ranking. Literally,  our software development agency can automate practically anything you need.

So, we have the needed resources and tools to deliver you an A-level resources staffing product.


Artelogic is a reputable staffing and recruiting software development agency, which pays much attention to quality and communication with our customers.

Here how it works:


    You determine the business issues list of the needed staffing software: you tell us what you want or what is lacking in your current software solution.


    We conduct the needed analysis, check and analyse the alternative staffing software solutions, and choose the needed resources. Together, we detect the required scope of work, agree upon functionality, and solve the time and budget issues.

  • work begins
  • WORK

    Our expert application development team works keeping you updated; we double-test the product before you get it.


    You get your ultimate solution and start benefiting from it.

Needless to add, even once your product has been released, Artelogic guarantees ongoing support services, if any.


Tend to Artelogic application development services to get full advantage of effective employee management. In fact, Artelogic is a reliable staffing solutions vendor that can save a minute in every single operation and, therefore, around 50% of your time in the whole process from hiring to talent management.

So, with us, you may stay focused on recruiting and HR management while we will do all the technical side. Thus, your potential benefits with Artelogic include the following:


Competitive advantage

You stay on top of everything in the eyes of your customers. You can recruit the best candidates in the fastest and easiest way.



Productivity and growth

The automated management software tailored to your ultimate needs can significantly improve your productivity and thus, bring growth and more income.



Live life support

We offer ongoing support services to keep your staffing industry product updated throughout its lifecycle.


Therefore, to improve efficiency, grow placement volume, and increase enterprise revenue, partnering with Artelogic is recommended. Give us a call and become our customer!

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