Custom Insurance Software Development Services

Looking for solution to remain trendy in the competitive insurtech niche?


Fancy improving the effectiveness and efficiencies of insurance business processes? Get to know how to achieve this! Today, the improvement of all technological solutions is achieved through digitalization. Like with any other sphere, the insurance industry is about to be digitized.

That’s why the business insurance owners, insurance brokers (life, health and short term), webbrokers, general agents, producers, and asset managers are looking for the cutting edge business insurance software solutions. As a result, there have appeared a great deal of insurance mobile apps and web applications. And it does not matter whether you are an insurance agent working in the life insurance, auto insurance or errors and omissions insurance sphere, you need a top quality custom software solution.

In fact, there’s often a need in one of the following:

  • More secure, personalized, and relevant technology insurance experiences
  • Insurance policy optimization, saving both time and money
  • Transaction security level improvement
  • Adding novel features to the existing insurance software platform
  • Communications, agent assignments, and marketing efforts automation
  • Quote-to-issuance Policy Management Systems (PMS) implementation and automation
  • Smart modules forecasting reserves and optimizing pricing
  • Insurance company potential Fraud analysis
  • Industrial Key Risk Indicators (KRI) in real time tracking
  • Advanced, real-time search information capabilities
  • Enforcing relationship with agents and partners
  • Insurance quotes processing, billing and website payment facilitates enlargement
  • Central management of member eligibility with the financial rules engine
  • Customer and broker loyalty improvement, boosting sales and marketing
  • Service and support cost reduction opportunities

Therefore, to manage risks and compliance in a secure, smooth, fast, and reliable manner, you definitely need a cutting-edge custom software development vendor. With dozens of software development tech companies out there, which technology partner to choose?


The solution - smart insurance software tailored to your company needs. Artelogic is a reliable custom software development services provider, which boasts deep expertise in the niche. We can create innovative and efficient technological solutions across the insurance value chain, both for a small business and a huge corporation.

We have experience to provide you with valuable insights about how to improve the insurance processes, no matter whether it is about car insurance, property insurance, omissions insurance, or any other insurance industry. Our expert customer-centered app development team can analyze, plan, develop, deploy, and support suitable solutions to ensure that every of your system is reliable, secure, easy to use, and, of course, efficient. What is more, Artelogic can create regulatory intelligence engines that automate risk management processes and prompt actionable requirements for insurance companies. Your enterprise application software needs to be integrated with internal systems or maybe you need to automate the process of consumer-specific plan recommendations generation?

Your customers want to be able to protect their business from employee lawsuits? Have all employment practices liability (EPL) insurance creation and implementation issues done by our development company. Indeed, we at Artelogic, enjoy solving complex software development problems and, to tell you the truth, there are hardly any technical issues our expert team cannot handle with.

In short, Artelogic offers the following services:

  • Insurance software planning and market analysing
  • Document management automation
  • Insurance application development and enhancement
  • Business rule or any other novel features implementation
  • Quality assurance and testing services of your management software
  • Insurance software solutions support and maintenance.


Artelogic will help you streamline your business processes and financial services. Plus, we can make the process of managing relationships with your customers more secure, smart, efficient, and cost-effective.

We can help you with any insurance software solutions problems. With our insurance software development agency, managing policies, reporting and monitoring claims, as well as totally controlling all business insurance deals made easy, fast, and efficient. Connecting to new legacy billing platforms is also a simple matter with us. As a matter of fact, Artelogic is there for you to help you fulfill the ever-increasing insurance industry business challenges. Convert data into actionable business insights, keep pace with the fast evolving insurance domain.

Here how it works:


    You tell us what should be done or just suggest your insurance services requirements and ideas.


    We conduct the required market and technical side analysis and provide you with the product development scope of work, rate, and time frames.

  • work begins
  • WORK

    Once agreed, we begin working. By the way, you are given a devoted business manager to discuss any issues, which may occur during the whole applications development process. Besides, depending on the chosen business.


    You get the great software solution you need and start benefiting from the improvement of your business performance.


Partner with Artelogic to always remain trendy in the competitive insurtech niche. With us, you may count on the following benefits:


Overall performance improvement

Rapid delivery of all platform components needed.



Profits boasting

The possibility to satisfy worldwide insurance business's needs.



Risks management

Accurate risk assessments based on powerful big data analytics.



Quick response to your customers needs

Cutting edge insurance software solutions with common automated activities, saving lots of time



Improved customer satisfaction

Initial personalized offers and recommendations.


So, if you wish to engage your customers by making the most of your data, get the most powerful, efficient and cost-effective insurance software. Protect yourself from possible risks and software errors, partner with Artelogic. Take full advantage of what the leading custom development company has to offer, our bright software developers are at your disposal. It’s time you won the competition for customer retention!

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