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Looking for accounting software programs for small business?


All accountants, bookkeepers, and business owners know that cash flow problems are one of the reasons businesses fail. Therefore, it’s of vital importance to have a good system to manage cash flow. Shoebox accounting with Excel spreadsheets became so old-school. Today, most of the business owners ranging from single-member businesses to larger corporations tend to use custom software development products.

By default, any modern business accounting applications help you run every single part of your business in a more efficient way.  A sound system lets you easily perform numerous operations at the same time and perform complex tasks, such as handle foreign currency or track separate financial records for each business or department within the business.

As a matter of fact, with a powerful business accounting software program, you will be able to:

  • Automate all daily activities, such as pay staff, send paystubs and run reports.
  • Capture expenses, invoice and reconcile while you’re on the go.
  • Manage your small business' finances more effectively
  • Add several payment getaways and connect to your bank to make transactions flow automatically. It would be great that the system will be able to handle multiple bank accounts as well.
  • Add novel functionality, for instance, payroll, receipt scanning, lending as well as advanced analytics or AI-based invoicing.
  • Integrate complimentary add-ons
  • Improve collaborations
  • Track inventory in a more effective way by means of smart financial reports
  • Enhance security
  • Increase your tax savings.

Therefore, keeping a tight grip on your finances is critical for any business, be it small, middle sized or a big one. Wondering what is the best small business accounting software? Luckily, we can find many small business accounting apps out there on the market. You can check, for example, an open source accounting software for small business or ask an IT vendor to develop your ultimate cloud based accounting software small business program. Just for the record, to take maximum from your accounting software, your mobile app should be properly customized.

Beware, since there are different accounting categories for small business, you have to be careful when choosing the right application for your business. No matter which online accounting system for small business you choose, ensure that your app is easy to set up and you can operate it with a simple dashboard. Yes, simplicity and usability are one of the most critical points to pay attention to when looking for the proper home and small business accounting software.


The solution - custom solution for accounting tailored to your needs. Artelogic is a custom accounting application software development company that can provide you with a powerful business accounting software solution coming with a full suite of features.

We can develop a cloud-based accounting product from scratch or customize the already existing tax accounting software for small business. Moreover, we all know that profitability is a key aspect of your success as a business owner. But how to achieve this profitability? The first thing is without doubts, to invest in a robust accounting system, which can guarantee real-time, up-to-date data. With dozens of small business accounting systems, there is what to choose, but you might be still wondering which accounting software is best for small business? Indeed, when it comes to small business accounting software comparison, you can find a basic accounting software for small business program, a more feature-packed yet easy to use small business accounting software program and completely robust accounting systems for small business. Everything here depends on your business needs, budget and further ways of development.  If, for instance, you are planning to enlarge your small business in the future, ensure that your accounting software for a small business is scalable. Our expert team of researchers, developers, managers and other skillful IT professionals will develop the most suitable small business accounting system for you. Artelogic will help you not lose access to your data and run business in a more effective and productive manner. So, get ready to streamline all of your business processes!


Artelogic can help you keep your cash flow healthy and run your business in a productive manner. Every of the software solutions designed by Artelogic for small business owners, be it simple small business accounting software, or a complicated cloud based accounting software for small business, is custom-made. Simply put, they are created with regards to the particular business needs and opportunities. By default, a custom-made system better understands your business needs and it is easy to scale as your business grows.

One other important thing to mention, there is no project that is too big or too small for us, too easy or too complicated, we can help you with any. Moreover, as it was already mentioned, Artelogic can create the cloud accounting software small business both from scratch or optimize the one you already have.

So, now you might be wondering how to make accounting software for small business? The process is easy and straightforward. Here how it works: 


    You come to Artelogic, share your accounting software vision, requirements and ideas.


    We do the needed researches, analyze your competitors and their best wanted features, think about the most effective ways to improve your business. For instance, if you need a system with a myriad of useful features such as profit and loss, cash flow statements, and balance sheets creation, we analyze which similar features you can find on the market, compare the best ones and think how to offer something even more powerful and innovative.


    We create a contract with all important project data, including time and budget, the scope of work and the functionality needed. We sign the contract and Artelogic starts working on your custom project.

  • work begins
  • WORK

    Our teams of expert software engineers and other IT professionals conduct the required scope of work. Once done, we test the product several times before you actually get it.


    Voila, you can start taking benefits from a smart and easy to use accounting software for small business.

To help you stay ahead of the curve, Artelogic provides frequent product updates and product maintenance for additional prices. In that way, with Artelogic, you’ll always have the top small business accounting software.  The support and maintenance services are suitable for small, midsize companies and big corporations.


Partner with Artelogic if you want the small business accounting software that properly handles all of the financial aspects of your company.

With our application development company, you will uncover the following benefits:


Superior accounting solution

A superior, feature-packed cloud accounting software solution capable of satisfying many small business accounting needs.



Smart analytics

A powerful bookkeeping system offering tailor smart financial reports.



Greater business value

Gigantic time and money savings in the long run.

In a nutshell, if you are looking for ways to improve your small business accounting software processes, Artelogic is always at your disposal.

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