WaiverKing is a document management business that serves primarily the health and fitness industries. The platform is partnered with MindBody Online, which is one of the largest business systems providers for gyms and yoga studios.


2013 - present
In Progress


WaiverKing is a document management business that serves primarily the health and fitness industries

End users

Managers of gyms and yoga studios

Project overview

WaiverKing is an online service that helps businesses around the world manage waivers, or their document management hassle, in a simple and integrated manner. The application has been designed to streamline the waivers’ completion, storage, submission, and integration with third-party services in a secure and efficient way.

WaiverKing features sophisticated digital signature capabilities together with the MindBody Online integration. This gives a possibility to WaiverKing customers to fill out and sign legal documents in a matter of minutes and get them immediately transferred to their MindBody Online profiles that are automatically updated in real-time. The service provides a simple and user-friendly experience both on the web and mobile platforms.


Our team took over a live project that has already been in use. The main challenge was to proceed with a legacy codebase that was hardly documented and initially designed to meet scalability and data privacy requirements. In addition to this, the system had an excessive number of dependencies that made it hard to modify and improve based on the feedback coming from WaiverKing’s new customers. Because of that, deadlines and delivery of additional features were always at risk. It was clear that the codebase had to be refactored to facilitate the growing success of the business.

Another challenge was that the system was in use by hundreds of active clients and all refactoring activities had to be implemented without a major impact on their experience.

We were working with other developers but were looking for someone who could scale better with our company.


Giving all the challenges our team has faced and to eliminate roadblocks in the future, we decided to refactor the codebase and use the YII 2.0 framework. This measure guaranteed that the software will be ready for further growth in a structured and secure way.

We moved the codebase to Git for version control needs and together with the deployment automation eliminated all human mistakes during the release activities. With these efforts, it is now possible to deliver new features to end-users in a matter of hours or days instead of weeks. The overall reliability of the software under a constantly growing load has been noticeably improved. The service reappeared as a fast, easy-to-manage, and highly customizable platform.

Upon completion of the refactoring phase of the development, our team continues working on the project and has delivered a set of new features to its functionality, such as:

  • Secure 2-factor authentication;
  • Customizable permissions management;
  • Sales management & reporting systems;
  • Fully automated billing system using Authorize.net;
  • Fully reinvented user experience based on the mobile-first principles;
  • Dozens of other customization options.

The next step in WaiverKing development was the rental management system using IoT technologies to track the status of rentals in real-time which was successfully released in the next 4 months.


Since the time we took over the project, WaiverKing demonstrates year-to-year revenue growth, as well as significantly improved end-user experience. The overall time required to release updates to live has been decreased from weeks to a couple of hours thanks to the set of automated tests and scalable software architecture.