Optimization of Software Performance Through Technological Solutions. A system to enable waiver completion, storage, submissions, and integration.


2013 - present
Document Management
Technologies employed
PHP Yii2 Framework MySQL JavaScript jQuery HTML5 Bootstrap


WaiverKing is an online service allowing managing waivers in a simple and integrated manner. The system is designed for streamlining waiver completion, storage, submissions, and integration. It is also featured by digital signature option with MindBodyOnline integration. This gives a possibility to customers to fill-out and sign digital legal documents and see their MindBodyOnline profile, which is automatically updated in the real time. This service provides integrated waivers for web and mobile. It is easily customized and can be used on multiple platforms.


Our team took up a live project that has already been in use. The main challenge was to proceed with a third-party PHP code, which was hard to support and manage according to new requirements. The system was hardly flexible for changes and upgrades. Because of that, the deadline and additional features interaction were put at risk. It was clear that the code required refactoring. 

Another challenge was to keep the project and its functionality running, and at the same time manage the redevelopment process.

The main challenge was to proceed with a third-party PHP code.


A code refactoring leads to software optimization. As the first step, we suggested to refactor the code and apply Yii 2.0 framework. We also utilized Bitbucket for source code control and reduced the human factor for live deployment. All the efforts resulted in increased speed for the new features deployment and decreased a number of bugs in the live version. The service came up as a fast, easy-to-manage and highly customizable tool. It allows placing digital signatures in various locations with integration to MBO where all the documents can be stored and updated in real time.  

After the initial redevelopment was implemented, our team kept on working on the upgrading of the system and adding new features to its functionality. Among others we have developed:

  • Security system, a 2-factor Google authenticator;
  • Permission management;
  • Sales management system;
  • Authorized .NET billing system;
  • Trial management option.

The next step in WaiverKing development was the Near-field Communication program, which enables devices to connect and communicate with each other in order to track a status of equipment  within a Weiverking rental service. The system reads an information from the device, a bracelet, sends it to a server and in this way furnishes an administrator with information regarding rental goods.


The work at the project is ongoing, it is already profitable and currently gains functionality.

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