Flexible and synchronic software solution for vehicle inspection to streamline all operational and work processes within one system.


Technologies employed
ASP.NET MVC 4 Microsoft SQL Server .NET 4.5 JavaScript jQuery Bootstrap Xamarin


The Jack Cooper brand is well-known as one of the most powerful US industry providers of the full spectrum of services within finished vehicles. Its offerings are very wide and applicable to a lot of aspects of automotive industry. Vehicle Inspection is the service, our team was proud to contribute to.

Vehicle Conditions Reports are very valuable for cars remarketing processes. It helps buyers and sellers to make their decision based on consistent, detailed, and accurate information produced by Jack Cooper.

Jack Cooper has managed inventory and inspections on well over 9 million vehicles for many OEMs, car rental companies, lending institutions, dealerships, and auctions. Among its clients there are Ford and General Motors.


Providing an exceptional service in Electronic Vehicle Condition Reports Jack Cooper reached a point where the established methods and approaches were no longer able to serve the business well. A company faced with a challenge. They would probably be in for it sooner or later without updating a system. The technical difficulties were connected with adding new clients into their operation databases and then serving them. This process could last up to 2 years. The challenge was about a processing all the data while inspecting a car. Since each new car brand has its specific requirements and key figures, the system was at risk to become unmanageable. At the same time, one more peculiarity refers to the specific of car inspection. Specialists, performing it, need mobility and accessibility to do their work in the field.

Our team has in focus a task to streamline all operational and work processes within one system, which has to be flexible, synchronic and mobile.

We have achieved a synchronized system allowing to manage the car inspection in a seamless manner.


We have started the project with a project kick-off to define everything that was needed before the first sprint started. The development for a Jack Cooper project was based on the strong analysis of business needs and internal operations. So our aim was to deliver a solution that would make it possible to provide speedy and qualitive services in the field of vehicle inspection. Flexibility was needed to adjust the system for the specific client's requirements, such as adding new car characteristic for a new customer, etc. It has to be mobile in order to allow inspectors to do their work in fields.  

Synchronization has to be achieved in several directions:

  • Synchronization between mobile application & a server. So wizard could be updated according to the latest edits.
  • Synchronization of a database of a car related information with a system in a case of its renewal;
  • Interconnection between wizard and a car VIN code. So the system could load only related information to the particular car model.


As an outcome, the developed software product consists of the following functional parts: 

  • An admin control panel for system adjustments;
  • A staff control panel for assigning inspectors to inspections, inspections review;
  • A customer profile, which is used for vehicles inspection overview and export of results;
  • A provider profile, which partially duplicates a mobile solution and is used for viewing assigned inspections, doing inspections via web interface;
  • Mobile solutions for iOS and Android for inspectors in the field. It allows inspectors to add arrival records, review assigned inspection, perform inspection, take vehicle photos, push data to a server. In the background mobile app syncs data from server, meaning update order statuses, vehicle-related information (parts, damage types, etc);
  • Web services. It includes a mobile application web service for data synchronization between a server and mobile solution and a web service to synchronize data between the new and old solutions. Hence we have obtained a flexibility in customizing a mobile wizard.  This means that the system administrator can dynamically form a list of fields / questions which have to be filled in, etc.   


As a result, we have achieved a fully synchronized system allowing Jack Cooper to manage the car inspection in a seamless and smart manner.

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