SaaS for the Moving Industry

The end-to-end SaaS model platform for managing household moves and covering business operations of the logistics company  


1 phase - completed, ongoing
Technologies employed
ASP.NET Microsoft SQL Server C# JavaScript jQuery


The platform is among the number of software solutions for the logistics industry undertaken by Artelogic. It is a SaaS model developed in order to enable our client to deliver a tool for movers, agents, and van lines and to facilitate the relationships between them within an end-to-end solution. It's a cloud-based service for managing household moves including transportation, loading, unloading, packing, and unpacking. The software is licensed by brokers on a subscription basis. The features implemented for our client cover all business operations of the logistics companies.


Like many businesses with integrated full-cycle services, the logistic field needs to provide reactive and scheduled facilities management services to its clients. The nature of their business demands a reliable, effective, and fast system that can manage their processes. The challenge for our team was to develop an integrated system, which could cover all these needs and join all business participants with one end-to-end platform in an elegant seamless way.  

The system, which joins all business participants with one end-to-end platform in a seamless way.


Following a number of strategic analysis sessions, we were able to highlight the key areas of the business. As a result, we have developed a wireframe design and specification, which our proposed solution reflects. The plan was to integrate all existing needs and business processes into one full cycle environment. It has to support the entire logistics process from leading to invoicing.

 As an outcome, the delivered system includes:

  • Admin panel providing abilities to set up the system;
  • Multiple types of profiles: Customer, Mover, Affiliate, Company Staff;
  • Capturing and managing leads;
  • Managing job orders;
  • Integration with related services such as loading, unloading, packing, and unpacking services;
  • Integrated CRM system for movers and customer relationship management;
  • Online documents management system with customized signature for agreements;
  • Automated job order agreements for different types of services;
  • Inventory Sheet;
  • Automated quoting;
  • Integrated online billing systems using Authorize.Net, PayPal, USAePay, BluePay;
  • Automated emails;
  • Survey and questionnaire;
  • Affiliate management system;
  • Enhanced reporting capabilities;
  • Integration with Twilio – call center, quotes follow-up (
  • Bulletin board for system users with the latest news and notifications.


The developed system covers all logistics processes from leading management to invoicing and joining participants within one integrated system.

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