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Vuhar Mamedov, Co-founder, Artelogic
22 Feb 2017
They say you will never understand a man until you walked a mile in his shoes. A couple of weeks ago we had a need for financial advice and service. That was basically a professional consultation on how to pay taxes in the US to be sure we are on the same page with rules and do not misconstruct them. We published a request online and within one day received, just imagine, two hundred and something offers. Yes, surely that was not the first time of outsourcing for us, but two hundred and something, and we had to make a choice! Being a cofounder of the IT business and someone who has been working with a number of businesses for more than 9 years, I am aware of the competition rates in our field and all the challenges IT vendors face while applying for a contract. But at that moment, we were...

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