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Probably, you’ve heard about .NET development from someone or your business partner recommended it to you. Or maybe you are well aware of the capabilities of this technology. One way or the other, we suppose that you are interested in this technology to fulfill your business needs and we’d like to share with you our insights into some major details in .NET development. We do hope, this page will allow you to decide whether .NET is the right solution for your business.



Let us tell you something about our .NET development company. .NET is pronounced as ‘dot net’, don’t thank us. As well as .NET framework is an intermediary between business and information technologies, Artelogic aims to bridge the gap between entrepreneurship and development. We are a company that solves multiple web development challenges. Our software engineers have solid expertise in working with this technology.

The dot net development company behind us provides such services:

  • Custom .NET application development;
  • 3rd party software customization;
  • Maintenance and support services;
  • QA and testing services for .NET systems.

Except being so universal and unique, .NET is also very comprehensible for learning. Artelogic strives to gain perfection in everything. Our technical expertise allows us to get the most out of all the breathtaking .NET capabilities. While programming in .NET we:

  • use C# at backend;
  • mostly, we code on ASP.NET, which is a popular open-source server-side version of .NET framework;
  • at frontend we work with HTML, CSS, JS and other.



We are not trying to hide behind beautiful and sophisticated terms pretending to be too smart or too good. Rather than making a big splash our team prefers being a complete straight shooter. We always study precisely every detail of the project before starting the development. It is an inevitable part of our work so that we can really meet the clients needs instead of forcing our ideas on them.

How to start:

  • Send a quote for dot net development services.
  • Select an engagement model that fits your needs the best:
  1. extended team delivery
  2. managed team delivery
  3. fixed project
  4. managed services
  • We carefully study your needs and expectation, estimate your request and get back to you with an offer, which is the most cost and time effective.
  • Team work at your project according to the terms of the selected engagement model, while you taking advantages from the outcome.

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  • .NET Development Cost: time-effective and cost-competitive


What is the dot net development cost? .NET and ASP.NET frameworks are open-source, thus, they are absolutely free for every citizen of our planet. Taking into account the number and sorts of applications one can code in these frameworks, we should say that dotnet development is incredibly cost-effective for businesses.

As there is so much of reusable code and there are so many reusable components set in .NET by Microsoft, developers don’t have to write as much code. And this quality will save both your time and money.

Moreover, .NET is very scalable and easily managed. Which means as your company grows, the IT infrastructure of your firm will quickly adjust to additional loads. And as long as .NET can be easily maintained without the necessity to rewrite the code.


  • Simplicity, easy maintenance of an app, speed of the development and app execution


Microsoft.NET or simply .NET is a framework that enables creating of web, mobile and desktop applications. What makes .NET really special is that this technology was designed by Microsoft as both a business strategy and the collection of programming support for Web services.

.NET has certainly some other advantages to boast about:

  • the framework greatly simplifies development efforts thanks to its simplifying of debugging with the support for Runtime diagnostics;
  • it provides incredibly easy deployment and maintenance of an app, it deals with the locating details and then loads the components;
  • it gives a freedom to choose a language one would like to code on;
  • thanks to its server scripting capabilities a .NET app executes much more quickly than interpreted scripts;
  • a huge library of helpful functional available in all the framework versions;
  • it dramatically speeds up the process of development thanks to the editor WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get);
  • it enables frequent caching of the requested web pages on the server;
  • .NET provides permanent control over the process in its runtime, so if one process is dead, the new one can set on its place, which enables your application to be constantly available.

Believe us, we can speak about .NET development without a pause. The applications developed on .NET framework are accessible across the globe introducing incredibly efficient management of information. It is language independent providing numerous for all sorts software development.

Wow, that is really quite a lot of information, but speaking seriously, it’s not even the half of what we can tell you about .NET development. In case you’ve got some questions or you already want to order a .NET application for your business, don’t hesitate to contact us! Artelogic is always glad to communicate with the clients and receive their feedback.

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