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The competition is too big to drop behind. We are totally sure, your clients worth only notable services, as well as our customers exceptional approach and assistance in creating business driven applications.

Do you feel like your customers are missing opportunities and you’re leaking clients? If you would like to answer yes to at least one of these questions, it is a sign you are visiting the right page:

  • Can your application be expanded to provide more useful services or be more user-friendly for your clients?
  • Does your website convert the visitors into prospects?
  • Are you suspicious that your project can give you even more income?
  • Is it better than those of your competitors?
  • Your website is more than 3 years old?
  • Was its purpose changed for a last period?
  • Can your project be driven in a way that is less resource-consuming and will get more revenue?
  • Do you want to start utilizing modern technologies?
  • Do you need the maintenance of an already existing web-solution for a reasonable price, expanding the range of provided services and constantly improving your site for better engagement?

That’s is why is it just a necessity to hire dedicated php developer.  To become competitive, get back and strengthen positions on the market one should not only build a web application, but make it more efficient and user-friendly than the competitor’s one. It should really make a difference for a customer to use your application when the services you provide are already widely presented. That’s why you might be in the search for php programmers for hire, for true professionals able to find a hallmark which will make your site irresistible for customers.



PHP development services can be of use for many types of enterprises and business situations as PHP technology is very flexible. PHP provides a great tool for backend development, which means it implements the core of sites, their running force. That is the reason why only php website developers can implement a completely new, not an ordinary system exactly matching your business necessities.

Surely, our php developer company provides the services, which can help with all the issues mentioned above. To generalize the branches of our limitless areas of expertise, we divided them into these categories:

Custom PHP Development
Have a breathtaking idea has never been seen before? Our php programmers will help to implement even the most daring of your ideas! We have enough experience and expertise to write web applications from scratch and use php as an engine for the new quite flexible platform that can be configured or extended in the future.

3rd Party Software Customization
In cases that you already have a website or use an app we are able to customize it, to develop new features and improve the existing ones, in order to meet all your current business needs. Working with the code written by others is not a problem for us, as we always make deep research before taking any measures. If you hire a php developer from Artelogic, they will take into account every smallest detail in a project and provide optimal solution implemented with a great care.

Maintenance and Support Services
Our php web development company also provides maintenance services in case you’ve got into a trouble. We act promptly and with a great wisdom, so that our clients could avoid money waste. We always sure about the quality of our services, that is why we provide support for the products.

QA and Testing Services for PHP Systems
The key point of the excellent quality of our services is the development handled hand-in-hand with testing. We do not need to rewrite big parts of a code when testing has revealed bugs as both these activities are closely connected in our work.

While working with PHP, we usually use also other technologies:
Backend: PHP. A scripting programming language that is great for generating HTML pages on a web server and working with databases. Since PHP is included in LAMP (Linux, Apache, MariaDB / MySQL, PHP server software complex), it is supported by almost all hosting providers today.

Frontend: HTML, CSS, JS. It is the basis of each website. Since we are highly skilled php coders for hire, we can use it with an incredible confidence and elegancy.

Frameworks: Laravel, Yii2. They provide clean and stylish basis for developing modern applications and their efficient maintenance.



We are top-notch php web application development company with highly dedicated coders onboard. We consider that all the processes and activities on the project should be directed strictly to meet the needs of clients and their businesses, carefully study your needs and expectation, estimating your request and getting back to you with the most cost and time effective offer.

How to start:

  • Send a quote for dot net development services.
  • Think over an engagement model that fits your needs the best:
  1. Extended team delivery
  2. Managed team delivery
  3. Fixed project
  4. Managed services
  • We carefully study your needs and expectation, estimate your request and get back to you with an offer, which is the most cost and time effective.
  • Team work at your project according to the terms of the selected engagement model, while you taking advantages from the outcome.

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Due to its rich functionality, PHP is great for solving a wide range of tasks, supports a large number of databases (more than 20 types), and is executed with great speed, which allows you providing complex php application development services.
Extreme flexibility
Since PHP is an embedded language, this gives an extreme flexibility in the development process. Most php scripts are integrated into HTML pages, but they can also be embedded in JavaScript, WML, XML and other languages ​​if necessary.

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