Looking for a professional team to launch your next product?

Our Services

Our unique people development system and inexhaustible talent pool enables us to work in two key directions: managed end-to-end software development and composing dedicated teams for on-demand needs.

Our Awards

Why Artelogic?

Exceptional reputation Our reputation is proven by years of experience and verified reviews on Clutch.
Transparency Our processes are built to ensure absolute transparency so that you always know how the project goes.
Quality-driven We put the quality of our software products in the first place which is constantly verified by our certified team of QA engineers.
IP & Data Protection Protecting the IP & Data of our clients is the whole big thing for us which we deliver through a thoroughly controlled cloud infrastructure.
Individual Approach We are tailoring our services and approach to work for individual clients given their domain, budget, and expectations.
Free Trial We are confident in our ability to deliver, so we are offering a risk-free trial to get to know each other.

Your Benefits

If you’re looking to establish a reliable technological partnership with an experienced outsourcing company that provides software development services based on the Time & Materials terms, you are in the right place. Our software development services fit perfectly for clients that:

  • Have a business idea and need to create a web application, but don’t have all the needed human resources or experience;
  • Have a high-level idea of the product but need help defining all the product and technical requirements;
  • Don’t have time to set up and manage an in-house team;
  • Want to optimize internal operations to achieve greater efficiency;
  • Have to free-up internal resources for other strategic projects while keeping existing software tools under proper support;
  • Have a constantly evolving project with a budget that is challenging to define;
  • Have an established business and are increasingly inconvenienced and distracted from the main focus by routine operations
  • Have to build an MVP version of the product with limited resources and budget

Needless to say, our project management services can help you to cope with these and many other issues as well. So, if you need senior-level technical assistance, you can benefit from leveraging our 8 years-long experience in the field.