Dedicated Development Team

Grow your team with the top-notch experts in the industry while we take care of recruitment and administration

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Our unique people development system and inexhaustible talent pool enables us to work in two key directions: managed end-to-end software development and composing dedicated teams for on-demand needs.

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Why Artelogic?

Exceptional reputation Our reputation is proven by years of experience and verified reviews on Clutch.
Transparency Our processes are built to ensure absolute transparency so that you always know how the project goes.
Quality-driven We put the quality of our software products in the first place which is constantly verified by our certified team of QA engineers.
IP & Data Protection Protecting the IP & Data of our clients is the whole big thing for us which we deliver through a thoroughly controlled cloud infrastructure.
Individual Approach We are tailoring our services and approach to work for individual clients given their domain, budget, and expectations.
Free Trial We are confident in our ability to deliver, so we are offering a risk-free trial to get to know each other.

Why dedicated team

Establishing a dedicated development team in Eastern Europe is an effective solution to drive corporate digital strategies while utilizing an experienced and trained workforce from external resources.

While having little difference compared to hiring in-house software engineers, building a development team with Artelogic can save up to 60% in the costs of development operations. Usually, building remote development teams are useful for clients that:

  • Need to add on-demand resources to growing or ongoing projects or solutions;
  • Need to scale production capacity without an employee headcount increase;
  • Want to take on an entirely new system that would otherwise be not possible due to a lack of resources;
  • Have a need to add new features without losing focus of the core team;
  • Want to save time and reduce costs when recruiting new software engineers;
  • Are not satisfied with the performance of their current partners or developers.

All these situations can be effectively addressed by utilizing the possibilities we offer. The team extension services provided by Artelogic will give you significant competitive advantages while at the same solve wide range of digital challenges.