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Grow your team with the top-notch experts in the industry while we take care of recruitment and administration


Establishing a dedicated development team in Eastern Europe is an effective solution to drive corporate digital strategies while utilizing an experienced and trained workforce from external resources.

While having little difference compared to hiring in-house software engineers, building a development team with Artelogic can save up to 60% in the costs of development operations. Usually, building remote development teams are useful for clients that:

  • Need to add on-demand resources to growing or ongoing projects or solutions;
  • Need to scale production capacity without an employee headcount increase;
  • Want to take on an entirely new system that would otherwise be not possible due to a lack of resources;
  • Have a need to add new features without losing focus of the core team;
  • Want to save time and reduce costs when recruiting new software engineers;
  • Are not satisfied with the performance of their current partners or developers.

All these situations can be effectively addressed by utilizing the possibilities we offer. The team extension services provided by Artelogic will give you significant competitive advantages while at the same solve wide range of digital challenges.


The philosophy behind the dedicated development center model is to cover the specific roles and skillsets of the project, upon demand. In this case, the tailored team model is the best option, which fits clients’ needs and budgets in the best way.

The dedicated development team model at Artelogic implies the full-time load for at least one developer and a customer commits to execute appropriate project management and testing on their side. Project management or testing services can be requested as additional resources.

Our web app development company provides two options for collaboration, which can be chosen according to the needs of your business and/or solutions. Like all the services of our company, the provided options for organizing the work of the team and cooperation meet the standards of dedicated development. Every detail will be taken into account, and every process will be directed towards successfully fulfilling your tasks.


The development of a higher-level strategy of a software solution, product vision, and management is fully managed by the client. Thus the dedicated development team is led by the management on the client's side and fully involved in the process. In other words, you have full control over your product development process, we only provide you with additional team members. Our goal is to apply our skillset to a successful project result, giving the client full control.


If you need an additional degree of monitoring and involvement, assistance in prioritizing, or just need a project management point of contact at a high level, we offer a team that includes project management or a testing position.

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The benefits of establishing a dedicated software development team with Artelogic are obvious. Here are just a few advantages of the team extension in Ukraine:

    Increase your ability to focus on core strategies and services while moving hiring, training, and managing the software development activities to an external tech agency with a proven reputation.
    You get a dedicated development team with no cost on infrastructure and maintaining compliance. No recruitment and retention stress - no need to waste time and money on hiring employees.

    You can handpick team members as you will be closely involved in the selection process so that every developer perfectly matches your goals.

    Nowadays, time is the most crucial resource, so we do our best to fulfill all requested positions in the fastest possible manner leveraging our reputation on the market, as well as access to one of the biggest talent pools in Europe.

    Fixed all-inclusive monthly rates per team member in the dedicated team guarantee that you are always in control of the running costs.

Working with Artelogic on your web app or any other existing development project will result in the growth of your business. With our desire to get to the essence of things and identify the most effective and technological solutions we will certainly show you several ways as to how you can optimize the development of your project.

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