Launching a startup web development properly

Key factors & stages of a startup tech entrepreneurs need to remember - we’ll tell you how to start a startup the right way

YOU will learn

  • How to satisfy the real market demand by launching a startup
  • How to determine product requirements in the most important detail
  • How to define the key technologies to stay time- & cost-efficient
  • How to estimate the budget so as to not fall victim to the numbers

Short overview

Launching your startup in terms of web development requires long-term technical, functional, financial and, what’s more, emotional commitment. To make this process a bit easier, Artelogic has prepared a checklist pointing in all the right directions of how to launch a startup.

Thus, the ‘launch a startup’ web development checklist includes both do’s and don’ts. 

These steps to launch a project are the most important factors that a founder should keep in mind before getting started with their startup journey.

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