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If you’re about to establish a reliable technological partnership with a project management outsourcing company, which provides services based on T&M contract pricing formula, you are at the very right place.

Usually, the this approach works perfectly for clients who:

  • Have a business idea and need to create a web application, but don't have the needed human resources, in particular the tech specialists on their end
  • Are not able to define the scope of features they would like the product to have, or the requirements are likely to be changeable while the work is in progress
  • Have the initial requirements that did not contain sufficient detail or clarity
  • Don’t have time to set up and manage a team
  • Want to change management to achieve greater efficiency
  • Have a need to free internal resources
  • Have the constantly evolving course of the project, that is always challenging to define the exact budget
  • Have an established business and are increasingly inconvenienced of the fact to be distracted from the main focus by routine operations
  • Have limited resources and budget
  • Experience an in-house staff shortage to start an MVP or PoC development

Needless to add, the project management services can help you to cope with many other issues as well. So, if you need senior level technical assistance, benefit from using professional external resources.



The Solution – Project Management Outsourcing Company

Artelogic delivers a project based outsourcing team of top-notch professionals. This outsourced project model is the most applicable to solution-oriented projects with clear business objectives and implies development, testing and project management roles with no exceptions.

In the business environment, the definition of project outsourcing implies to contract out the operations and functions to another company. Usually, this means that the full spectrum of project development is transferred to a specialized project manager company. Triggering the project on outsourcing can bring significant benefits to the company while managed outsource teams can relieve businesses from the necessity to waste valuable resources on time-consuming tasks and enhance their productivity. The management outsourcing work is scheduled and delivered on time, while you control the operation. 

We work this the following technologies stack: Microsoft, LAMP, MEAN. Our core competencies don’t end here, simply request for others required.




We always strive to understand the needs of the business as best as possible in order to provide the most applicable outsourced project management services for you. We will find the best management methodology for your ultimate product. Our business process is consistent and transparent.

Anyway, these are a few steps to follow if you want to order our management services:

  • You initiate the process by making a quote for outsourcing project activities in Artelogic
  • We elicit the project requirements and study your business goals
  • Our software project outsourcing consultants make an analysis and start working out the most time and price-wise solution to meet your expectations
  • We deliver the proposal and outsourcing project plan
  • For ensuring flexibility, we provide a time and materials contract software development within this approach
  • Team and environment setup
  • Development, quality assurance, and reports delivery
  • We perform time-consuming tasks and project management
  • You can change requirements in process, if necessary
  • The work is scheduled and delivered on time, while you benefit from the outcome

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Jack Cooper
Jack Cooper
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Actually, there are both advantages and disadvantages of outsourced project management. But we have to admit that there are only a few disadvantages of outsourcing project work and if handled properly, you can completely omit them. Meanwhile, the benefits of hiring expert project managers are considerably more meaningful:

  • Control the result, not the process. You define the project strategy and control the results, and all the project management is carried out by Artelogic.
  • No risk cost included. In time & material billing model, the project outsourcing meaning is that you pay only for the work done, which allows you developing the product whatever restrictions on resources and budget you have. In other words, you may count on the proper risk management. 
  • No recruitment activities. Project outsourcing services do not imply any work with personnel. You do not need to equip workplaces, suffer from the personnel turnover, increase headcount, spend time on new employees adaptation, or depend on the human factor.
  • Quick team start and product launch. IT project outsourcing increases the overall competitiveness of your company thanks to the quick product launch.
  • The freedom from routine tasks. It directly affects the results of the business activities of the customer company, because you can focus on your core business.
  • Reliability and innovation. IT outsourcing allows you to use the most advanced IT solutions to a much greater extent and reduces all technical risks due to the high professional level and huge former experience of the outsourcing team. Moreover, the research project outsourcing allows finding the most innovative solution for your business situation.
  • Increased security. Modern business is very vulnerable and very dependent on information technology. Using the experience of senior management professionals leads to your information security.
  • As a result, a significant cost reduction. The cost of long-term tasks operation and/or development plays a significant role in the choice of the cooperation model. In the case of project outsourcing, the cost reduction is guaranteed. Why not to outsource project management then?

To see what time and material contract advantages and disadvantages are nothing will be better than the success stories of our customers.

There are many other benefits you can achieve from making business with it project management outsourcing, in comparison with the fulfillment of these duties in-house. Do not waste time and start cooperation with Artelogic – a company of project management outsourcing professionals. Arm your business with a top-notch project team!

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