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Fixed Project Outsourcing

Looking for how to minimize risks within a small project development?




If you are sure that your initial project requirements will not be changed, you can fix them together with a budget before the development start. With the fixed price project development you plan your budget, minimize the risks, and let specialists at Artelogic bring your ideas to life.

This approach can do a good job for you in such cases:

  • The initial requirements contain all needed details and clarity to provide the exactly expected final project features
  • Small and medium sized projects. The commitment is made for a scope up to 960 hours in development
  • The objectives and milestones of the project are exceptionally well-defined
  • The high agreement of both parties, a client and us, on the acceptance criteria
  • You can not afford time and material model of engagement because of the way your business is organized



The Solution – Fixed Price Business Model

If fixed price development can be applied in your particular situation, we can help you to plan your budget in advance instead of stressing out whether the project will exactly meet your money and quality expectations at the end.

Software project outsourcing is a very common way of getting your projects accomplished with the good combination of performance quality and price. Although using the service of a project outsourcing company is fairly simple. The way of project delivery may vary depending on the pricing model you chose. Fixed price model demands a lot of expertise behind the team on the part of a service provider. Since all the risks of project implementation are transferred to the vendor, they must ensure expert project management, efficient monitoring, quality assurance, and cost control.

Have the concerns mentioned above? The best way to solve these risks is to choose the fixed price based outsourcing. Fixed price business model is one of the pricing models for software development that can be a perfect idea for the result-oriented clients. It allows delegating the responsibility to the third party instead of being involved in the development process. Thanks to this, clients usually find this model the most comfortable and rather secure.

Having defined the ideas of the project and a clear scope of features you want to implement, we can fix a budget in advance. Our team delivers a defined product at a predetermined price. No unexpected changes to the project mean no extra charges. Artelogic undertakes to apply properly the risk reserve and to keep all the project requirements.



Fixed price model keeps such a framework:

  • The client provides very clear requirements
  • We discuss every detail you want to implement untill the clear common idea of the acceptance criteria is achieved
  • The development team analyze the project requirements and get back to you with the technologically and economically feasible proposal
  • You get an understanding of the overall budget and the timeframe
  • We seal our agreement by the fixed price software contract, which regulates all the rights and responsibilities of both parties
  • The development starts

You need to have a clear vision of the end product you are going for as the changes that can be applied to the project in progress are rather limited. This does not mean that it is not possible to add modifications, however, they will require additional agreement or reestimation of the final product. Such limitations exist because the executive company makes a long-term commitment which they have to fulfill and any list modification is a potential risk.

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Jack Cooper
Jack Cooper
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The main benefits of this strategy are:

  • Dismiss budget risks. You are protected by the contract and the product should meet all the requirements specified before you make a payment. Thus any possible issues that might appear during the development stage are to be handled by the development team
  • Predetermined timeframe. It gives you an assurance that the project will be completed within the agreed time
  • Project management. No need of supervision. Fixed-price projects include the service of the project manager, which means that all the management stress will be taken off your shoulders. The client can be involved in the project at any stage, however, that is up to him and it can save a lot of time and stress
  • Domain expertise
  • Focus on the business development and customers

As you may see, project outsourcing fixed price model is a comfortable combination in terms of money, security, planning, and expertise.

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