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Urban Remedy

Health and wellness web portal for a facebook community

Bigger and better platform for a private facebook community, which gained an overwhelming response to be a part of this movement

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short brief

Health & Welness
8 months *
Completed and live
Back-end technologies
Yii2, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, Ajax, SCSS
*From the end of the requirements specification to product delivery.
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The Urban Remedy is a health and wellness web portal developed to join people, who are inspired by an idea of healthy living, and support them in their journey. This portal offers different valuable information, which fits users’ interests, helps them to share their own experience and get a new one by participating in events and communicating with people.  


Case Challange



Urban Remedy was originally founded as a small private Facebook community with an aim to support like-minded people on their wellness way. The challenge was to create an environment suitable for connecting people and providing them with the best functionality that would be able to compete even with Facebook.

The community with an aim to support like-minded people on their wellness way.
Jack Cooper
Case Solution



After communicating with clients and analyzing the requirements, the decision was to develop a web application, which covers all needs of the community and helps administrators easily manage the system and reach goals.


We have worked on the approach to implement the features in an elegant and convenient manner based on the best practices of user experience and an expected outcome.  


Thus the Urban Remedy web portal was developed and launched to the public.


The system offers its users to be a part of wellness community with a possibility to read articles, to attend events, to get useful information and to share own experience within a thought out to the last detail system.


The users can have a choice of the content, that is to join the community on a general basis or be a member of a community.


Here are the key directories offered to a public:


  • Home page - contains the most trending articles, daily stories from local and international experts and the latest events;
  • Remedies tab - presents a tailored experience and content by categories fitness and nutrition;
  • Events tab - offers to see what is on in wellness free and paid activities;
  • Directory - a search option  for wellness providers.


Personal Dashboard


For whose users, who want to be more involved in the community, we have created a simple subscription form integrated with PayPal. By simply signing up for a small fee, user becomes a member and receives a goodie bag and an access to all the content. Upon signing up, they are asked series of brief questions regarding their fitness level, personal goals, and interests, so that they can receive curated content to suit their preferences.


Within a dashboard, which is a completely personalized experience via a private wellness account, users can list goals, map out a calendar by adding goals and events, logging achievements to date and even create their own vision board. They receive curated content, which suits their preferences and filters it.


From a Dashboard it is possible to view all the discussions users participating in, and an icon will give an alert when they are tagged in a post. It is also added an option to upload photos, motivational pics to help users on a wellness journey. A dashboard is also integrated with a FitBit account.




At the heart of the members-only section of the website lies a Community – forums for discussion where everyone can post own wellness questions/topics, reply to others and gain support and advice from our team of health and wellness experts. Within the Community, it is possible to upload links and pictures, and tag friends to ensure no one ever misses a post. Here we have implemented a Facebook styled community live feed.


Admin panel allows administrator to customize web content, newsletters, blog; to manage users' roles; to direct advertising; to manage subscriptions and notifications.


a look inside the project

As the result we have created an environment suitable for connecting people and providing them with the best functionality.

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The project launched successfully ahead of schedule in part thanks to clear project management. Key stakeholders volunteered positive feedback. 

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I have been working with the team at Artelogic for over 5 years now and can only say that they are the most professional, capable, reliable and friendly providers I have ever worked with, and I have worked with a lot. If Artelogic’s team doesn’t know how to do something, they’ll find out and come back with a functional solution.

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The main thing for working with me is I’m pretty intense on the communication side of things. They had a flexibility and willingness to adapt their processes to match my requirements both on communication and the development processes. I never had a problem with any of their code from a code quality perspective. They clearly do a good job internally with code quality assurance as well. We had very minimal issues during user acceptance testing. We never had a quality issue with them. Most importantly they took personal ownership of any problems which arose, including resolution of issues off hours or over weekends in order to mediate any issues that did happen.


Pei Shan W.
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Artelogic has been brilliant in the service delivery. I truly enjoyed the working experience. Many times, they were able to fix the issues with utmost professionalism and reliable speed. The communication on the specific work scope was great as they are able to value add by offering practical solutions or prompt to think about areas which are of blind sight. 



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Artelogic are getting involved and seeing the project as something that's important to them and looking at new ways to solve problems and put us forward.

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