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Best Resources For Laravel Developers 2017

Basic list to follow when you are a software engineer

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Ivanna Gurmak, CMO, Artelogic
26 Oct 2017
Being one of the most popular PHP systems since early 2015, Laravel framework becomes a must-have for both a full-time or a remote PHP developer and also for software engineers at Artelogic. Sometimes, it even becomes a technology of choice, conquering Symfony, CodeIgniter, and Yii2, or being at least at the same competitor level. This post reveals the best sites to stay updated with everything happening to Laravel, not to mention the latest advancements in technology. But before we jump into today’s post, we’d like to stress that despite the fact that there are a lot of sources out there to help you, we have divided them into two main groups: for beginners and experts. So, if you feel like earning the decent laravel developer salary, take a look at the suitable group and mak...

Top 10 PHP Tips For Developers

Tricks and hacks for beginner php artists

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Andriy Burda, Software engineer
19 Oct 2017
The time goes by and PHP is evolving steadily providing developers with more intricate and efficient tools. In this article, we attempted to gather the most profitable php tricks and hacks both for newbies and more experienced website makers. Let’s go!  [SLIDER] PHP Advanced Programming for Everybody Work With Sessions  The newest version of php enables session_start() to accept an array of options to define php.ini configurations. One of the advanced php techniques is to use session.lazy_write option for rewriting session data automatically and read_and_close function for preventing changing them.  Enable Error Reporting One of the php tricks for beginners, which are known but underestimated by professionals. These two lines should be included into all advanced ...

How to Find the Right Web Developer

Crucial Steps Before Hiring

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Ivanna Gurmak, CMO, Artelogic
12 Oct 2017
Need to find a developer for an app? Wondering how to find who designed a website? Urgently want to find a startup partner? Don’t have the needed technical expertise to check your candidate? With so many options and alternatives on offer you simply don’t know how to act, right? First and foremost, stop feeling overwhelmed, here comes the way out! Check this! To make your products or projects worth bragging about, you need to find the right team who can put all your ideas into reality. With thousands of web developers on market, the main concern you might face today is how to find not only the top talent but the right team for your needs. Below, we have handpicked the list of things to do before you get started with the hiring process. By performing these steps you’ll be...

In-House vs Outsourcing Software Development

How to organize a team for the development?

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Vuhar Mamedov, Co-founder, Artelogic
21 Sep 2017
At the beginning of any new project, you will undoubtedly face the question: how to translate your idea into reality? Where to find experienced professionals and how to organize a team for the development? We know how tiresome this choice can be, so let’s outline the biggest advantages of both these options. In this article we’ll help to further learn, which path to go when you are considering in-house software development vs outsourcing?  [SLIDER] Inhouse Software Development What is in-house software development definition? It is a software development that is run by a corporate entity for the organizational uses. Let’s see an example to better understand the in-house software development meaning. A company, which may have or not a relation to the IT sector deci...

Artelogic Has Joined Lviv IT Cluster

The power of partnership towards achieving broader goals

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Ivanna Gurmak, CMO, Artelogic
24 Feb 2017
Artelogic was founded in 2011 and since that time provides a full spectrum of software development services to its customers. Company’s portfolio consists of more than 5 years of experience, more than 100 completed projects, most of which have become profitable and continue extending their functionality. Two startups were sold for $3 millions in total value in an early startup stage. This year the company has also launched its own startup. But the main pride of Artelogic is its team of professionals whose day-to-day work allows building a genuine technology partnership with customers and partners all around the world.   Artelogic’s engineering expertise is not industry or country specific, but the top vertical markets the company deals with stand in the area of logistic...

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