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Ten Advantages of Using Cloud Based Software in Your Business

Why Cloud Computing?

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Oleksandr Trofimov, CTO, Artelogic
22 Feb 2018
Wish to maintain your business ahead in your industry? Worried how to augment your small business, reducing risks and possible pitfalls? Fancy wowing your clients while calming the chaos around lots of documents and changes flying back and forth?  Wondering how to reduce costs, energy consumption and physical footprint? Consider cloud computing. To tell you the truth, there are many benefits of cloud based software. Below are listed the ten most important cloud computing advantages targeted at small-medium businesses. Single platform for everything. Having all of your data in one cloud computing platform allows you to make data driven decisions, helping your company succeed. Manage, control and share all your projects within one platform. No need to switch from one software to anot...

Top 10 characteristics of the professional software engineer

How to test skills?

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Ivanna Gurmak, CMO, Artelogic
11 Jan 2018
Great software engineers are not only valuable employees, but also productive contributors and the key to the success of your online project. These days, becoming a programmer has become a boom and as a result, you can find hundreds of software engineers out there. In fact, today, there are around 26.4 million software professionals in the world. But how to determine which candidate should you hire for a long term cooperation? What distinguishes a great programmer from a general programmer? Artelogic, the custom software development agency with a proven experience, has hired and worked with dozens of developers.  And now we are sharing our expertise regarding how to determine a great programmer with you and how to differentiate the great experts from the bad software engineers. We ha...

First Time Outsourcing

Tips For How to Succeed and Not To Fail

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Vuhar Mamedov, Co-founder, Artelogic
22 Dec 2017
Calling all business owners who consider outsourcing service for their development! It’s truly an art to get the right outsourcer: to benefit from this kind of product development, you need to make sure that you have chosen the right IT partner or you risk to run into nothing but trouble.  Wondering why? Below, you will find the most common pitfalls business owners might face if they are not launching a profitable home-based business, but happen to choose the wrong outsourcing software development company for their projects. So, please have a more detailed look. Key pitfalls the improper outsourcing can bring: Horrible bugs that results in application errors and customers dissatisfaction Lack of realization of expected cost savings Poor process automation Unhelpful custom...

Advanced process and productivity management infrastructure

in the process of software development

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Vuhar Mamedov, Co-founder, Artelogic
16 Nov 2017
You might think that to reduce risks and set up right processes in the development environment, it is enough to choose the right methodology for your ultimate project. It is also known that no matter which programming languages the development team uses, the right software development process these days is almost always agile. At Artelogic, we are aware of this, but agile software development is not the only way to go with. There are still projects, which software development life cycle requires another development methodology, like waterfall, iterative development, the spiral model or rapid application development (RAD) with prototyping or other.   Anyway, the main point of this article is to highlight that it’s crucial to remember that despite the methodology applicable to yo...

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Tailor-made Software

Custom vs off-the-shelf software

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Ivanna Gurmak, CMO, Artelogic
28 Sep 2017
Faced with the need for software to improve the performance of your enterprise or a company, the first right thing to do would be to evaluate all the pros and cons of this or that approach in solving particular problems. In this article, we will give a brief overview on this topic, which will help you make a final decision. Tailor-made software We'll look at custom made software definition and bespoke software advantages and disadvantages for better understanding. There are many examples of tailor-made software - these can be programs for registering hospital patients or goods in the store, storing data about students in schools or customers in a restaurant. Tailor-made software definition What does tailor-made software mean? The essence of this approach is that the software is written...

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